Thursday, April 20, 2017

Anthony Wayne for Dancing with the Stars at Moe's!

Thanks to friends and family for coming out and a huge thanks to Moe’s Southwest Grill for donating a portion of their evening proceeds!
Big thanks to Whitney Carr of VIP SEEN LIVE for coming out!
Thanks to Anthony Wayne for organizing the music! Check him out with this awesome acoustic performance:
Thanks also to Jared Bentley and Seth Barnett for sharing thier time and talents with awesome perfomances!
You can get your tickets to the 9th annual Dancing with the Tri-Cities Stars and donate now to help SteppenStone!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Blonde Hair Options

Beautiful Blonde hair is quickly transformed into a variety of glamorous styles.

Look One: 

1. Mist hair lightly with a heat protecting spray and wrap on a 1” Sultra Beauty Bombshell curling rod.
2. Brush hair out with a soft bristle brush to form waves. Carve in a deep side part and lightly spray with a working spray for shine and to smooth out and fly-away hairs.

Look Two:

1. Brush hair upside down and spray the underneath with a medium hold hair spray.
2. Flip hair back over, direct the hair way from the face and lightly mist again with your hair spray.

Look Three:

1. Sweep hair over to the side and do a loose Dutch braid. Begin with three small sections on the left front. As you braid, working your way across the face toward the nape, gather hair into each section and cross it under to the other side. Secure end with a tiny elastic.
2. Beginning at the bottom and working your way up to the top, pull strands out from the braid to make it larger.

Look Four:

1. Sweep hair over to the side and do a loose Dutch braid. Secure end with a tiny elastic.
2. Beginning at the bottom and working your way up to the top, pull strands out from the braid to make it larger.
3. Twist up the tail of the braid and pin to form a chignon.
Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee
Photo: Mickey Baker

Featured in VIP Seen Magazine: Nude Makeup Tutorial

1. Fill in an correct brow shape with “Expresso” Shadow.
2. Apply “Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion” to the eye lid.
3. Sweep “Bisque” Shadow across entire lid.
4. Sweep “Expresso” Shadow above the crease line in a windshield wiper motion.
5. Apply “Water Proof Gel Liner in Noir” close to the lash line.
6. Use “Decadent” shadow on a flat brush to smudge eye-liner above and below the lashes.
7. Apply a light coating of “Mary Kay Lash Love” mascara.
8. Use a tiny dots of glue, drop in individual lashes across entire lash line.
9. Apply “Temptu” airbush for a flawless foundation.
10. For light contouring, sweep “True Taupe” in the hollow of the cheeks.
11. For a rosy glow, “Blush in Teaberry” is brushed from the apple of the cheek into the hairline.
12. Sweep “White Gold” on the high part of the cheekbones.
13. Ensure an accurate application of “Liquid Lip Color” in “Sweet Escape” by using a lip brush.
Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee
Photo: Nathan Mays
Model: Shelsi Webb

Featured in AD WEEK

Featured in AD WEEK.

If Cancer Patients Were Treated Like Addicts: Hard-Hitting PSAs Aim to ‘Stop the Shame’

VML's poignant work for First Call 

VML explores addiction for First Call.
YouTube: First Call Kansas City
What if family members treated cancer patients the same way they view people struggling with drug or alcohol addiction?
That’s the premise of a new campaign, “Stop the Shame,” from Kansas City-based alcohol and drug prevention and recovery organization First Call. VML worked with the nonprofit to create a series of powerful ads comparing addiction to different diseases, with one focused on cancer and another on Parkinson’s.
So why opt for such an intense way to get the message across?
“Frankly, it’s because people are dying and have been dying for a long time,” Susan Whitmore, president and CEO of First Call, said. “People die behind shame all the time and in the last 15 years there’s been substantial research about the fact that substance abuse disorders are brain disorders and that drugs and alcohol change people’s brain chemistry in a way that contributes to the fact that it’s a chronic and progressive disease that needs to be treated.”
The hope is, whether good or bad, the ads will spark discussions about addiction. People may disagree with the method used in the ads, but First Call really hopes to help people struggling with addiction and their families feel less shame for something they can’t always control.
“There are still a lot of people out there who feel that addiction is a moral failing, a choice, and I’m not saying that addicts don’t have a part in it. It’s like any disease: first and foremost it’s genetic,” John Godsey, North America CCO at VML, said.
VML and First Call noted that the idea for the campaign, to compare addiction with cancer, came from information reported in the Surgeon General’s report on alcohol, drugs and health. The report found substantial scientific evidence that “addiction to alcohol or drugs is a chronic brain disease that has potential for recurrence and recovery.”
The campaign also had a very personal component to it for many team members at VML, including Godsey. “It’s very much a passion project for me because I have been sober for 12 years and I’ve had a lot of people in my family die from addiction,” Godsey said. “I’ve said pretty much all the lines in these spots and I’ve had them said to me.”
Alongside the two ads, VML also created a website for First Call and the “Stop the Shame” campaign aimed at educating people about addiction. When users visits the website they are prompted to answer a question: Is addiction a disease or is it a choice? Depending on the answer, the website provides the user with information about addiction and why it is really considered a disease, not a choice.
Produced by PlanA Films
Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee