Tuesday, January 31, 2017

As Seen in MODERN SALON Photo-Worthy Hair

Achieve Photo-Worthy Hair one of MODERN SALON's top viewed step by steps.

When you’re working on a photo shoot, the stakes are much higher for beautiful, memorable hair.  In a twist of glamour, celebrity stylist, Sherri Jessee, styles long hair inspired by classic finger waves from the 20s mixed up with rough texture from the 80s.  

Sherri Jessee of Sherri’s Hair Salon in Bristol, Virginia, recently attended a MODERN SALON Artist Session and created this magazine-worthy style. Here are the steps she took to create the look.

1. Apply Rusk Being Gusty and blow dry the hair for thickness and hold. Leave top section slightly damp and create finger-wave pattern on each side of center part.

2. Spray individual small sections with Being Sexy and curl in spirals using a tiny iron. Spray completed set with additional Being Sexy for hold.

3. Brush out small sections and tease with tease brush. Have great make-up applied!

The completed look.

Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup: David Maderich
Wardrobe Styling: David Widjaja
Model: Valeria

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