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Sherri Jessee Makeup How-to:

hair & makeup: Sherri Jessee photo: Jason Setiawan wardrobe: Christine Castillo

For this lip color Iced was mixed with Lydia.
Urban Decay eye shadow in Fishnet is swept on the inside corners of the eyelids. This is my favorite shade of magenta-purple.
NARS Full Metal Jacket nail polish is a great metallic grey shade.
hair & makeup: Sherri Jessee photo: Jason Setiawan wardrobe: Christine Castillo

Soft wavy texture in the hair is complemented by romantic makeup.
Two shades of OCC Lip Tar are easily mixed together to create a frosted pink: Iced is mixed with Hoochie.
Eyes are highlighted with CHANEL KHOL EYELINER PENCIL BLANC WHITE on the waterline.
Temptu Pro ( Concealer Wheel is used to correct spots and even skin tone.
hair & makeup: Sherri Jessee photo: Jason Setiawan wardrobe: Christine Castillo

For a sleek style, pull your hair back into a casual ponytail.
OCC Lip Tar in Pretty Boy painted on and then blotted off with a tissue for a soft rosy stain.
NARS Orgasm Blush is swept onto cheeks for subtle glow.
I always use ANDREA Individual Lashes for a lush look and natural feel.The models LOVE them!
hair & makeup: Sherri Jessee photo: Jason Setiawan wardrobe: Christine Castillo

This look is super colorful.The vivid purple lip is a fun choice creating great contrast to the bold red hair, turquoise facinator and bright yellow jacket. OCC LipTar in Hoochie
Eyes are ultra smokey with a matte black shadow dusted above the crease line. An extra dose of Urban Decay Fishnet adds softness.  

hair & makeup: Sherri Jessee photo: Jason Setiawan wardrobe: Christine Castillo

This look is super colorful.The vivid red lip is a fun choice paired with the fun facinator and bright yellow textured dress.
OCC LipTar in Psycho.
Eyes are accentuated with pops of yellow and green.
Temptu Pro Concealer Wheel is used to correct spots and even skin tone. 
hair & makeup: Sherri Jessee photo: Jason Setiawan wardrobe: Christine Castillo
The geometric lines in the hair cut make it all about the brows for this look.
I used Sherri Jessee dark brown matte shadow in Expresso and an angled brush to create this shape for Gabrielle’s brow.
I brought the edges of the shadow and brows out extra wide to emphasize an Asian flair with this boxy bob.
OCC Lip Tar in Kava Kava accentuated her lovely lips. This is an unusual opaque apricot shade. 

Urban Decay,
Obessive Compulsive Cosmetics 

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Bangstyle Feature: Olivia Caridi

Featured in US Weekly

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The Bachelor contestant Olivia Caridi has shown us that she can style her hair and makeup! Blonde locks, and gorgeous eyes to match - hear more about some of her crazy hair stories and how she got to the beautiful blonde that she is now!

Sherri Jessee, award winning hair and makeup artist tells us about her lovely client, Olivia!
Sherri first met Olivia in May of 2014. It was just days after her college graduation, when she drove from Texas to Bristol, Virginia for her first broadcast TV news job at WCYB.
After having a horrendous hair experience while in Texas and no time to fix it before her first day at work - her mother found my salon through an internet search (there is power in a good website and strong portfolio). After the long drive across the country, before she even went to her new apartment or visited the TV station, she came to my salon for her color correction ... We quickly became friends and I maintained her blonde hair every 4 weeks until she left town to be a contestant on The Bachelor (which was a big secret). 
When she first moved to Virginia,  Olivia had a bright blonde short bob. Over the course of time she decided to let her hair grow a bit longer let the color be a more natural blonde. Olivia maintained her hair with consistent hair appointments. I knew from the moment I met her, she was “going places.” A stunning beauty with looks that remind you of a young Cameron Diaz, she has a fresh attitude and is very bright. With a meteoric rise in a very short time, she was promoted from field reporter to news anchor.
The Bachelor, Olivia Caridi
Olivia Caridi
Photographer Mickey Baker and I worked with Olivia on several occasions to create her professional head-shots. These shots have been featured in publications such as US Weekly and Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide!
Olivia Caridi, Bachelor
Photographer Nathan Mays and I have worked several times with Olivia as well. We did her most recent head-shots and she was a model for an editorial shoot I did:
The Bachelor, Olivia Caridi
Olivia, was always great at doing her own makeup, she came to me early on for a makeup lesson and she used all of my cosmetics including my organizing makeup bag and magnetic palette.  As she was letting her hair grow longer, we made custom clip in extensions that blended easily with her own hair. 
Olivia Caridi, Bachelor
The Bachelor, Olivia Caridi

Although life isn't always roses, your hair can be! To talk through hair disasters, hear about trends first, get styling tips, and hear about the latest products to keep your hair looking fabulous - be sure to check out the latest articles and stalk Sherri on Bangstyle!

Bangstyle Feature: Milk Maid Braids

Milk maid braids, which are very similar to a crown braid, are the perfect style for any occasion, day or night. It allows you to have an updated up-style that can be rocked anywhere from the beach to a wedding. In this tutorial from Sherri Jessee, she shows us how to get this style with ease in no time at all!

1. Start your style on previously smooth hair. Divide hair in half down the center and do a three strand braid.

2. Tie off the end of the braid with a clear elastic.

3. Repeat braid on opposite side.

4. Now that you have two completed braids, wrap one braid across the head and use pins to secure.


5. Repeat the process on the opposite side of the head using pins to secure. 

Be sure to stalk Sherri Jessee on Bangstyle to see all of her latest tutorials and inspirations! 

Hair and Makeup: Sherri Jessee
Model: Hannah
Photos: Nathan Mays
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Hair 101

Long or short? What color? What texture? There are so many options with hair. Award winning hair and makeup artist, Sherri Jessee shares a few of her favorite looks.

Colorful World.

Blonde hair.
The old saying that “blondes have more fun” is so true. No other hair color screams sexy bombshell like blonde. Shades can range from buttery golden to creamy vanilla to icy platinum. The most eye catching of all color choices, you will want to schedule regular appointments with your stylist to maintain the perfect blonde.

Brown hair.
Rich, decadent chocolate browns are shiny and long lasting. Caramels can be added in to create beautiful dimension.

Red hair.
There simply is not a more flattering hair color than a radiant red. Warm tones look lovely against the skin adding beautiful color to complexions whether you opt for golden, copper or true red shades.

Wild colors.
Go ahead and have fun! These funky colors once reserved for only celebrities and rock stars have now gone mainstream. These colors are not usually permanent so they allow you to try bold shades with out a long term commitment.

Highlighting remains the most popular salon color service. A hot trend these days are “baby lights” which are tiny highlights that create a natural looking dimension. Ombre colors subtly graduate from dark to light.

Size Matters.

Long hair.
Long hair provides the most styling options giving one the ability to wear the hair up and down with a variety of textures. If you like to change your hair often, longer locks will allow you to pick a new look each day by varying your styling method.

Medium hair.
Long bobs also known as Lobs and mid-length layered cuts look great on everyone. This is a length that is very feminine and gently frames the face accenting a woman’s finest features.
Short hair.
This is a look for the truly daring. Go for a fun pixie or short can still have styling variations with short hair, too.

Follow Sherri for hair and makeup tips that will keep you fresh and fun!