Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rs for Success in the Salon

Your best advertisement is happy, satisfied clients. In 29 years of business, I have never taken walk-ins, work by appointment only, and stay fully booked. I LOVE MY JOB and absolutely love my clients. What is the secret? 
Think of the Rs for success:

Re-book. It is essential to Re-book EVERY client for their next appt. This will decrease the turn around time resulting in clients with better hair with more frequent visits.

Refer.  If you are in the process of building your business, offer a Reward program for your clients that refer new business to you. This could be something as easy as a complimentary scalp massage (which cost you nothing) or a points program for example: Recommend 5 clients = free haircut.

Retail. Selling Retail to your clients is a great way to boost your income and also ensure client Retention. You clients will be more loyal to you if they purchase their personally Recommended products during their visit to the salon.

Recruit. Be-friend influential people in your community...they will be likely Refer the best clients to you. For example: real estate broker, makeup counter person, beauty queen, pharmacuetical sales rep, etc... These people maintain a professional appearance and come in contact with lots of people.

Rehearse. When you are not busy, practice and build your skills. Work on manakins. Be open minded and willing to assist others in the salon who are busy rather than simply sitting around. Your professional attitude and willingness to work will be Rewarded. Even after all these years as a salon professional, I still continually seek and practice new skills.

Record. Never before has it been so easy to Record the Results of your work. Smart phones with camera apps allow you to take great photos of your cuts, colors, and styles. Then you can share the images via the various avenues of social media. This is a great way to advertise your work and beside your time invested, it's free! (Always remember to always remain professional and positive when posting things on-line.)
Respect. My salon motto has always been, "Be nice and do pretty hair." If you do that, you can't do wrong. Always provide the best service in the most professional environment. Give a careful consultation, respect your client, and do your best to enhance their natural features making them both feel and look beautiful. 
Good luck! 
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