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Tried and True: Makeup Tips from a Pro

Want to know the secrets behind creating a great face of makuep? Allow me to share my favorite products that I use to beautify both brides and beauty queens. It doesn’t take a lot of products…just the right ones.

1. Bronzer is excellent to give color to the skin and can be used on both the face and body. I love this one in “Congo" because it gives a great glow to the skin without too much shimmer or sparkle.

2. A creme eyeliner provides a fabulous base for the perfect smokey eye. Apply a dab of Luxe Creme Liner in "Gold Mos"s on the middle of your eyelid and awish it back and forth with a soft brush untill it covers your entire eyelid. Then pat on your eyeshadow of choice. I love working with “Concord," “Emerald," or “Peacock" to create a jewel toned smokey eye. 

3. Use a long wear lip color to perfect your lip shape. Don’t be afraid to go just outside your lipline to create fuller lips with a natural appearance. Super Wear Lip Colors are a great foundation for gorgeous lips with a touch of gloss added later. My favorite is “Bridal Rose."

4. Apply your eyeliner close to the lash line and smudge out a bit with shadow to create a more natural look.
Superwear Gel Eyeliner works awesome for this as it is waterproof and works great on the eyelid, waterline, and tight-line. The top seller is a rich black called, “Noir."

5. A pinky-peach blush with golden accents blends into the skin giving it a rosey glow. “Shy" Blush is an exact comparison and half the price of the top selling blush, Nars Orgasm. Apply from the apples of the cheeks and sweep toward the hairline.

6. Contouring 101.  Darker colors emphasize recession while lighter colors give the illusion of protrusion. You can bring out your best features with a minimal amount of eye shadow colors. “Loving Lava" is my favorite shadow quad.  The rich, warm tones bring out the best of all eye colors. See a simple makeup step by step.

7. I always use individual lashes as they are so much more comfortable than strip lashes. These take a bit to master putting them on yourself but it is definitley worth the effort. KISS has them now available in clusters of 3 which make them easier to apply.

8. Years of experience travelling the globe doing hair and makeup inspired me to create my own line of makeup and tools which are available on my website (
All of the colors pictured are sold separately and fit neatly into my magnetic palette and then into my organizing makeup bag.

This article and products have been featured in the official magazine of the South Carolina International Pageant !

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Hair How-to: Magenta Urban Ombre with Hollywood Waves

Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee for Pravana
Photo: Julia Kuzmenko

Before picture. Ends of hair are pre-lightened using balayage technique with Pravana Pure Light Powdered Lightener. 

Apply color using Pravana Chromasilk VIVIDS.
 Urban Ombre Color Formula:

Light Shade on Ends: Equal parts VIVIDS Pink and VIVIDS Magenta with a drop of Wild Orchid.
Darker Shade: Equal Parts VIVIDS Magenta and VIVIDS Violet. 
Distribute a small amount of a bodifying mousse and blow dry. Spray each section with  Pravana Super Shape Hairspray for heat protection and long lasting curls.
Curl small sections on a 1" ceramic curling iron. 
Clip each curl in place and allow to cool completely before brushing out the set.
Brush smooth with a soft bristle brush to emphasize a gentle wave pattern. You can tuck the ends under to create the illusion of a shorter shape.
A final misting of Pravana Silk Degrees Shine Treatment gives extra shine.

Celebrity Stylist Shares Prom Hair, Makeup and Fashion Tips

Proms are the perfect time to amp up your style. 
This is the time for special hair, makeup, and fashions! 
Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee Photo: Jason Setiwan Wardrobe: Davis Carrasquilo

Look one: Golden Goddess. Hair is sleeked back into a mass of curls, adorning the head in a majestic crown. Soft mauves on the eyes mirror sensual purple lips. Shimmering gold drapes the body, gently hugging its curves.
Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee Photo: Jason Setiwan Wardrobe: Davis Carrasquilo

Look two: Tribal Treasure. Three braids converge at a crimped pony high on the head. Ruby red lips echo the crimson dress. A gathered neckline is featured with turquoise to add a pop of unexpected color. 
Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee Photo: Jason Setiwan Wardrobe: Davis Carrasquilo
Look three: Architectural Angel. The modern bun is sky high, smooth, and shiny. A glittering golden eye is perfectly complemented by a glossy lip. Layers of black ruffles expand in a playful cropped dress, creating a stunning silhouette. 
Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee Photo: Jason Setiwan Wardrobe: Davis Carrasquilo

Look four: Spanish Senorita. A center part is smoothed back into a twisted chignon. A nude lip paired with a smoky eye adds drama. Billowing chiffon with insets of vinyl create contrast in the stunning crimson gown.
Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee Photo: Jason Setiwan Wardrobe: Davis Carrasquilo

Fashion. Be bold and daring with your looks, paying special attention to details with the addition of the perfect accessories. Black is always a great choice; but to really stand out in the crowd, choose a bright color. 

Hair. These looks are designed to inspire you to create your own individual look. Work with your natural texture. Those with straight hair can choose a smooth look. For those curly divas, embrace a textured look. For your fancy parties, schedule an appointment with your favorite stylist for him or her to create your unique up-style. Or, if you are creative, do your own! As you twist and pin, it’s okay for tendrils to drop out as this adds softens and romance. The addition of accessories will create added sparkle. Bejeweled hairpins, headbands, and barrettes are readily available. Also, the addition of feathers or antique jewelry can invent special charm.

Makeup. For a gorgeous glow, be sure to moisturize before applying your foundation. The addition of an illuminating under-eye cream will make people think you have been drinking from the fountain of youth. A long-wearing lip color with last the night through and won’t leave those annoying lipstick marks on your wine glass. 

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Rs for Success in the Salon

Your best advertisement is happy, satisfied clients. In 29 years of business, I have never taken walk-ins, work by appointment only, and stay fully booked. I LOVE MY JOB and absolutely love my clients. What is the secret? 
Think of the Rs for success:

Re-book. It is essential to Re-book EVERY client for their next appt. This will decrease the turn around time resulting in clients with better hair with more frequent visits.

Refer.  If you are in the process of building your business, offer a Reward program for your clients that refer new business to you. This could be something as easy as a complimentary scalp massage (which cost you nothing) or a points program for example: Recommend 5 clients = free haircut.

Retail. Selling Retail to your clients is a great way to boost your income and also ensure client Retention. You clients will be more loyal to you if they purchase their personally Recommended products during their visit to the salon.

Recruit. Be-friend influential people in your community...they will be likely Refer the best clients to you. For example: real estate broker, makeup counter person, beauty queen, pharmacuetical sales rep, etc... These people maintain a professional appearance and come in contact with lots of people.

Rehearse. When you are not busy, practice and build your skills. Work on manakins. Be open minded and willing to assist others in the salon who are busy rather than simply sitting around. Your professional attitude and willingness to work will be Rewarded. Even after all these years as a salon professional, I still continually seek and practice new skills.

Record. Never before has it been so easy to Record the Results of your work. Smart phones with camera apps allow you to take great photos of your cuts, colors, and styles. Then you can share the images via the various avenues of social media. This is a great way to advertise your work and beside your time invested, it's free! (Always remember to always remain professional and positive when posting things on-line.)
Respect. My salon motto has always been, "Be nice and do pretty hair." If you do that, you can't do wrong. Always provide the best service in the most professional environment. Give a careful consultation, respect your client, and do your best to enhance their natural features making them both feel and look beautiful. 
Good luck! 
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