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Making of NAHA 2013 Editorial Winning Collection: The New Gatsby

So excited to be named 2013 NAHA Editorial Hairstylist of the Year! Doing hair and makeup for photo shoots is my absolute favorite thing to do, therefore, this award is especially sweet! Allow me to share the steps that went into creating this beautiful collection.
Sherri Jessee Winner 2013 NAHA Editorial Hairstylist of the Year
Sherri Jessee Winner 2013 NAHA Editorial Hairstylist of the Year
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With the debut of hit movie inspired by F. Scott Fitgerald’s book, The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan, I am proud to present, The New Gatsby ... a 2013 NAHA Editorial WINNING Collection!
Helen Oppenheim has always been a great predictor of fashions. She has been a wonderful mentor to me as I have grown as an editorial stylist. She recommended I do a Great Gatsby themed shoot saying this would become a huge trend. Boy, was she ever right! At her suggestion, I read the book, watched the movie and many movies of the era, and began doing tons of research. For more info on Helen, visit her website:
F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.

I watched the 70's movie with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow.
I researched makeup styles of the era. David Maderich did a wonderful job on the makeup!
This Versace ad was key inspiration to the layout.
Oh, how we all miss fabulous David Widjaja. He was a true genius.He and Bobby Warden did a beautiful job on the wardrobe styling.
I colored Kaitlyn's hair.
I curled Kaitlyn's hair. 

Finished look for Kaitlyn with blunt bangs added.

I cut Nick's hair.
Fixing our Gatsby star's hair before going on set.
A screen shot to see how the photo will look. Photographer, Roberto Ligresti is so incredibly talented.

Ely on set in her 1920's wardrobe.
Finished look on Ely.
photo: Helen Oppenheim
I was inspired by JULIEN D'YS hair creations at the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit entitled "American Woman."
I cut, colored and styled wigs... and tried them out on myself to see how they would photograph.

Un-retouched shot of Ely with green screen.
Love the glitter-bob.
One bob was colored, cut and then crimped with aSam Villa Textur Iron. Lots and lots of prep was done before the shoot.
The mirco crimped bob finished.
photo: Helen Oppenheim
I was inspired by JULIEN D'YS hair creations at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

My own version with pin curls and hard gelled finger waves

The waved bob finished.
The team at the end of the shoot. I love them all.— with David WidjajaDavid Maderich and Bobby WardenSherri Jessee, and Roberto Ligresti.
How cool to have my achievement as NAHA Editorial Hairstylist of the Year recognized by a United States Senator!
My most recent project, Elegant Organized Beauty, is a unique system of beauty tools. As preferred stylist for MISS VIRGINIA USA and a member of the Intercoiffure Artistic Team, when I'm isn’t jet-setting to Sydney, Mumbai or Milan, I can be found working in my full service boutique salon in Bristol, Virginia. With a unique feminine approach to beauty, one of the most desired, yet easily approachable internationally renowned hair and makeup artists, I have been distinguished as a 2013 NAHA Finalist, awarded “Top 10 Stylist of 2013,” a “Woman of Style,” and “One to Watch” by industry experts.
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