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As seen in Bangstyle: Featured Hair and Makeup Artist Sherri Jessee

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Sherri Jessee recognized her talents in hair styling at a young age. Since then, she has owned a salon for 28 years, traveled as an educator, and regularly works at New York Fashion Week. Learn more about her successful career in our interview!
BANGSTYLE: Can you give us a bit of background on your career?
Sherrie Jessee: Although I have been instructed to say 20+ years in the industry, I can say proudly that I am now celebrating 30 years as a licensed hairstylist.
BANGSTYLE: How did you get your start in the hair industry and how did you know you wanted to make a career out of it?
Sherri Jessee: I began cutting hair at 11 years old.  Understanding how to create various shapes in hair seemed to come natural to me, as I could often be found sketching hair designs and cutting the hair of family and friends… even before I learned how to “really” do it.  featured  Featured Stylist: Sherri Jessee
BANGSTYLE: What inspired you to start your blog? What kind of things make up your posts?
Sherri Jessee: I write my own blog and also guest write for various other sites. I love sharing beauty tips and tricks to help make every woman feel and look their best.
BANGSTYLE: What are some of your career highlights?
Sherri Jessee: Knowing how challenging it can be to run a profitable small business, I am proud to say I am going on 28 years of successful salon ownership. What an honor that I have been to 5 continents as an educator doing hairs shows and holding trainings! My hair and makeup work for advertisements and editorials have been featured in hundreds of publications worldwide. Participating New York Fashion Week is a hard gig to land and definitely a huge thrill. I am looking forward to my 5th season.  featured  Featured Stylist: Sherri Jessee
BANGSTYLE: What is your favorite kind of job – editorial, runway, photoshoot, client, etc – and why?
Sherri Jessee: My true answer is: “I LOVE IT ALL!” My all time favorite is doing hair and makeup for photoshoots because once the image is captured, the looks live on forever.
BANGSTYLE: Who and what inspires the looks you create?
Sherri Jessee: I am constantly seeking new inspirations from magazines, books, movies, art, and nature. Sites such as Bangstyle serve as wonderful sources for inspiration for professionals and consumers alike. Thanks to all YOU do, Bangstyle. It brings a smile to my face each time I receive an email saying my image has inspired someone!

BANGSTYLE: How would you describe your aesthetic?
Sherri Jessee: Edgy, elegant, contemporary classics with a unique feminine sensibility.  featured  Featured Stylist: Sherri Jessee
BANGSTYLE: Do you specialize in a certain cut, color or style?
Sherri Jessee: Each cut and color is customized for the individual. I love rich colors and soft layers. As preferred stylist for MISS VIRGINIA USA, I have the opportunity to work with some of the most beautiful women.
BANGSTYLE: Any advice for aspiring stylists?
Sherri Jessee: Keep learning, keep growing.
BANGSTYLE: Any future goals or plans for your career?
Sherri Jessee: Currently working on “Elegant Organized Beauty” which is a system of beauty tools that allow you to get maximum gorgeous with minimum space.

Check out Sherri Jessee on Bangstyle and be sure to “Stalk” her to stay updated on all her great uploads!  featured  Featured Stylist: Sherri Jessee

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