Saturday, May 25, 2013

Celebrity Stylist Shares Quick Tips for Great Hair

A Bun for Fun
This is the absolute easiest way to create tousled texture. 
1. Before bedtime, distribute evenly an egg sized amount of a bodifying mousse on freshly shampooed hair. Redken Fresh Curls Spring Mousse is a great choice. ( Blow dry 95%. Do not bother with styling…simply turn your head upside down and blow.
2. Brush your hair high up on your head and twist into a tight bun and secure with a few pins.
3. After a long night's rest, slide out the pins and awesome beachy texture will be revealed.
hair & makeup: Sherri Jessee photo:Roberto Ligresti

Hot rollers are the time trusted tool for big volume. 
1. Using sections the size of the roller, mist on a heat protecting spray and roll on large rollers. (
2. Allow the rollers to completely cool before removing.
3. Turn your head up-side and brush through with a soft bristle brush.
4. Flip your head back up and lightly spray with a soft holding hair spray.

hair & makeup: Sherri Jessee photo: Nathan Mays
The best beachy waves are created by wrapping around an iron. 
1. For an organic look, simply grab random sections and wrap around a wand. My favorite is by DeFabulous because it has a digital readout for perfect temperature selection and an extra long barrel. (
2. For heat protection, spray each section with an ironing spray before wrapping and wear a heat resistant glove.
3. Break apart the waves using a wide toothed comb for added texture.

hair & makeup: Sherri Jessee photo: Brad Lovell
The key to having a good result in ANYTHING is all about proper preparation. Getting a great hairstyle is no exception. To build the proper foundation you need to use the correct tools and products. 
1. To create the needed body and fullness, fine hair will need a root booster. Mist Redken Rootful ( at the roots.
2. Evenly distribute a thickening cream throughout the midshaft and ends. Living Proof Full Thickening Cream ( will surround the strands making the finest of hair feel fuller.
hair & makeup: Sherri Jessee photo: Roberto Ligresti
1. To achieve a great blow-out, rough dry the hair 80%.
2. Create 4-5 sections separate sections in your hair and clip them separately.
3. Beginning at the bottom and workin your way up to the top, blow dry each section with a round brush. The smaller the brush, the more curl and volume you will achieve.
hair & makeup: Sherri Jessee photo: Roberto Ligresti

About Sherri: With a unique feminine approach to beauty, NAHA Editorial Finalist Sherri Jessee is one of the most desired, yet easily approachable independent hair and makeup artists.  With over 25 years of experience as a successful salon owner, stylist, and platform artist, Sherri has amazing talent in hair, makeup, fashion editorial, and runway work. Named Top 10 Hairstylist 2013Woman of StyleOne to Watch, and among Top 20 Platform Artist by leading industry publications.

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