Tuesday, January 1, 2013

As seen in SheKnows: Makeup to Influence Perceptions

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What your color choices say about you

Seasoned hair and makeup artist Sherri Jessee shares her thoughts on three popular hues.
What wearing red lipstick says about you

Red means energy…

In color psychology, red means energy, passion, action, strength and excitement. Choose red lips when you want to show power and passion for your position. A great trick is to blot several times on a tissue to remove excess color. This will diffuse the brightness of the shade and prevent the dreaded lipstick on the teeth situation.
What blue eye makeup says about you

Blue relates to trust...

Blue is the most universally favored color. It relates to trust, honesty and dependability, therefore helping to build customer loyalty. Blue can be a terrific accent shade for all colors of eyes. Use a flat brush, and smudge in close to your lash line on the top and bottom for a flash of color. Don’t do a frosty, blue shadow all over, though.
What pink blush conveys about your personality

Pink conveys youth...

Pink is feminine and youthful in its softer shades, with more passion and energy in its deeper shades. This is one color to avoid, as the impression of youth and innocence may take away from your power. It is important to not look ghostly, so opt for more neutral shades when choosing your blush color so as to not over-do the pink.

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