Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to: The Perfect Ponytail

Hair/Makeup: Sherri Jessee Photo: Brad Lovell Post Production: Sherri Jessee

Hair that is crazy long or super heavy can present a challenge when creating a pony tail.
No worries! Any job is easier when broken down into easier steps. Let’s divide and conquer.  These simple tricks can help you make a perfect pony without a struggle. 

1. Attach 2 bobby pins to an elastic band. This is a great tool to secure the hair tightly.

2. Divide from ear to ear across the head smooth the hair.

 3-4. Insert the first bobby pin into the center of the pony.  Wrap elastic around until tight and then insert second bobby pin. 

5. Direct front section back and brush to smooth.  Use a second set of bobby pins with an elastic to secure the second pony combined with the first one.  
Wa-lah! The you just created the Perfect Pony! Spray and smooth flyaways as needed. For extra pizazz, fishbone braid your pony... Stay tuned for the next HOW TO to learn how!
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