Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Hair, Makeup & Fashion Tips from Celebrity Stylist Sherri Jessee

The holidays are the perfect time to amp up your style. The magical time of the season creates the need for special hair, makeup, and fashions.

Hair & makuep: Sherri Jessee
Photo: Jason Setiwan

To create the Holiday High Bun, view how-to video as seen on Daytime Tri-Cities Morning Show.

•Look one: Golden Goddess. Hair is sleeked back into a mass of curls, adorning the head in a majestic crown. Soft mauves on the eyes mirror sensual purple lips. Shimmering gold drapes the body, gently hugging its curves.

•Look two: Tribal Treasure. Three braids converge at a crimped pony high on the head. Ruby red lips echo the crimson dress. A gathered neckline is featured with turquoise to add a pop of unexpected color.

•Look three: Architectural Angel. The modern bun is sky high, smooth, and shiny. A glittering golden eye is perfectly complemented by a glossy lip. Layers of black ruffles expand in a playful cropped dress, creating a stunning silhouette.

•Look four: Spanish Senorita.

A center part is smoothed back into a twisted chignon. A nude lip paired with a smoky eye adds drama. Billowing chiffon with insets of vinyl create contrast in the stunning crimson gown.

Hair. These looks are designed to inspire you to create your own individual look. Work with your natural texture. Those with straight hair can choose a smooth look. For those curly divas, embrace a textured look. For your fancy parties, schedule an appointment with your favorite stylist for him or her to create your unique up-style. Or, if you are creative, do your own! As you twist and pin, it’s okay for tendrils to drop out as this adds softens and romance. The addition of accessories will create added sparkle. Bejeweled hairpins, headbands, and barrettes are readily available. Also, the addition of feathers or antique jewelry can invent special charm.
As seen in The Epoch Times Life & Style

Fashion. Be bold and daring with your looks, paying special attention to details with the addition of the perfect accessories. Black is always a great choice; but to really stand out in the crowd, choose a bright color.

Makeup. For a gorgeous glow, be sure to moisturize before applying your foundation. The addition of an illuminating under-eye cream will make people think you have been drinking from the fountain of youth. A long-wearing lip color with last the night through and won’t leave those annoying lipstick marks on your wine glass.  
As seen in The Voice Magazine for Women.

Sherri Jessee is an internationally renowned hair and makeup artist. For more info visit her salon or website:


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