Saturday, October 27, 2012

Beauty Pageant Secrets

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  1. MANE STAGE:  No secret to beauty professionals but  pageant girls all use extensions to add volume and length.  Jessee uses the Simplicity line.  “The hair is hand-knotted right up to the edge so it lays perfectly flat to the head.  It disappears into the hair and you don’t feel or see the separation.”
  2. FAUX FRINGE:  Jessee always recommends lining up lashes to the eye before applying because most lashes need to be trimmed.  She also cuts into sections and applies just pieces to the outer or inner corners for emphasis.  Because no beauty queen wants to contend with loose lashes, Jessee’s adhesive of choice is industry standard DUO in Clear.
  3. LASTING LIPS: From budget to high-end, Jesse recommends long-wearing lip colors and stains.  “They are like semi-permanent paints.”  And pageant girls always apply just a teeny bit outside their natural lip line to create the illusion of fullness.
  4. HOT RODS: Hot rollers don’t get hot enough for pageant pretty curls.  A curling iron is Jessee’s tool of choice.  “I tell them to always, always clip the curl and allow them to cool before combing-out.”
  5. FAKE BAKE:  Mix the tanner with a body lotion before applying.  “It creates a very natural look.”

How to get the look Muse Fendi Collection

I often get asked to create "Get the Looks" for celebrities. 

Today I was asked by super-star image consultant, John Paul Hamilton, "Can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do me a favor and find out how Nicolas Jurnjack got Carola Remer's hair to look like this." 

While I can only speculate as to the products and tools used to create this lovely look, I can certainly share with you how I was able to create a similar shape on my gorgeous model, Nadia.
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The always gorgeous Nadia.
Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee
Photo: Roberto Ligresti

Step One.
Distribute an eggs sized amount of a bodifying mousse like Pravana Density Extreme Volumizing Foam through damp hair and blow dry.

Step Two.
Create a "Dry Set" by curling on a 1" curling iron. For heat protection and long lasting hold, spray each section with a heat protecting spray like Pravana Super Shape Hair Spray. For less curl, you may opt to use a 1 1/4" iron.

The Dry Set.

Step Three. 
Be sure to carefully pin each curl and allow the set to completely cool. Remove the pins and see the amazing curls revealed.

Fabulous curls. Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee
Photo: Roberto Ligresti

Step Four. 
Brush, brush, brush and you will reveal a shape that has fantastic body with undulating waves ending in soft curl. A light misting of a shine spray like Aquage Beyond Shine

It takes practice to pull off a good dry set, however, it is well worth it. Don't worry, your set doesn't have to look as neat as mine did... Even if it's messier it will still be effective. Another hint: longer clips (standard duck bills you can buy in a box at Ricky's NYC) are easier to use than the small ones I used in this demonstration. 

Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee
Photo: Roberto Ligresti
Have fun with this! Send me pics of what you are able to create!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Great Gastby ICA Artistic Team Presentation

New York: Intercoiffure America/Canada President Lois Christie announced the formation of an Artistic Team. Mary Brunetti, industry icon and Director of Education for Sally Hershberger salons in NYC was named the Team's Artistic Director. 

The founding members of the ICA Artistic Team include Sherri Jessee, Faatemah Ampey, and David Kinigson. The team's first assignment was a Great Gatsby inspired stage presentation for the Fall Atelier held at the Waldorf Astoria.
Sherri Jessee and Mary Brunetti

 Watch a backstage video where makeup and hair artist Sherri Jesse shares how she's achieving her ode to the 20s hairstyle: a bursting ponytail with a shape above which mimics a bob, as well as a front finger wave.

See the finale of Intercoiffure Artistic Team's (Sherri Jessee, Faatemah Ampey, and David Kinigson) twenties-inspired presentation led by Mary Brunetti.


Models from the Great Gatsby Inspired presentation strike a pose. 
The Artistic Team will present at the two ICA annual events and produce two photo shoots of collections each year. They may also be called upon to work with the Color Council and Fashion Director. Their first photo shoot is slated for February 2013. 
A pic of me on stage with my model, Madison.