Friday, July 27, 2012

Return of the Killer Shrews Premiere Hair Get the Look

A unique event found its way to the Tri-Cities area with an authentic Hollywood movie premiere of Return of the Killer Shrews.  Held in Downtown Bristol, this special event was not only exciting but also had the dual purpose to raise money for Speedway Children's Charity.

Acclaimed editorial artist, Sherri Jessee had the honor of doing hair and makeup for the event host, TV personality, Amy Lynn.

Celebrity stylist, Sherri Jessee and TV host, Amy Lynn.
Smooth back top section.
Braid extension.

Flat iron fringe.
Hairspray to hold.
Add finishing touches.
Hollywood Premiere of Return of the Killer Shrews.
Jason Shane Scott and Sherri Jessee at the Return of the Killer Shrews premiere.

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