Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Universal Language of Beauty and Style

Peluquerias Hair Styles Ukraine

I was thrilled today when I found out my work was being featured on the home page of Hair Styles Peluquerias Ukraine.
Stamps on the envelope from Moscow, Russia
Then what a fun surprise when my mail carrier brought in a nice package today covered with the most colorful stamps. It is so exciting to receive a magazine with my work published inside. We have packages arrive weekly from Italy, Spain, India, Canada, the US and today from RUSSIA!

Hairs How from Russia
There were several copies of Hairs How Russia enclosed. Hairs How Russia is distributed to Russia, the CIS countries, the Baltic states, and also in some European states. Full of beautiful hair and makeup work from talented artists across the globe, it is an honor to be included. It is interesting to see myself quoted in Russian. I had several quotes in the publications as well as my daughter, Amy Lauren, had one of her hair looks published!
Amy Lauren's work seen in Hairs How Russia.

Long or short...  straight or curly... red, black or blonde. There are many types of hair AND there are many amazing hair and makeup artists all over the world. However, one thing is for sure... we are speaking the same Universal Language for Beauty and Style. How wonderful to be communicating together with like minded people in the spirit of glamour!

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