Saturday, October 22, 2011

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Kazzle Fall Style: Dark Makeup and High Buns!

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When it comes to style, I am a bit of everything. I truly can’t commit to just one thing so I like to mix ‘em all together. One thing I do commit to seasonally is a beauty and hair trend. Over the summer I went for a glowy and fresh look. I wore fair and iridescent eye-shadow, nude lipstick, and (during the first 2 months of summer) I had HUGE hair; so I had the fresh-face, drama, and  I glowed all summer! This Fall I’m darkening my look and doing updo hairstyles. I emphasize my brows, wear a dark red lipstick, and wear high buns.
My boyish look: Shoes- Aldo, Pants- H&M, Belt - Target, Tank-Target, Blazer-Primark, Scarf-??, Earrings - Michelle Monroe, Headband- actually a shawl from an old dress! 
Me, my bun, and my friend dancing the night away ha ha 
I am obsessed with doing exaggerated updos! I was inspired after meeting amazing hair and makeup artist, Sherri Jessee on a shoot I worked recently. 
Sherri is on the left of me (Awesome team! Wonderful shoot!)
She added this bun to my hair…
..and the rest was history!
What are your Fall styles?
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