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Power of the Media: Part 3-Reaching Out

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Power of the Media: Part 3-Reaching Out

Thursday, August 18th, 2011
There are an unlimited amount of ways you can network and advertise your message using the Power of the Media… it is mind boggling! In Parts 2 and 3 of this series, I mentioned creating a Website, Facebook and Twitter accounts to advertise all the standard information about you and your salon. Now, it is time to take it a step further by creating content to keep those pages new, fresh and interesting.
Blogging is best.
Blogs are so easy to do. For mine, I went to Blogger and created a free account. At the “dashboard” I can customize the template to create my own personalized blog page. It is very simple to add new blogs. Remember to “KISS” (keep it short and simple, sweetie) your blog and always include photos to keep the attention of your readers. Even if your are not a natural born writer, it’s okay. Blogs can be casual: Write like you talk. Be sure to have a second set of eyes proof read to catch any typos or glaring grammatical errors.
Keep it going.
Post new blog entries on your Facebook and have a link to your blog on your website. Clients can also subscribe to your blog and receive your new blog articles directly via email. To encourage clients to keep in touch, host a monthly contest: for example, draw a name from clients that subscribe to your blog to “like” your Facebook page each month. Prizes could be as simple as a bonus conditioning treatment. Are you beginning to see how all of these media outlets can link together?
Television can be terrific.
To really get the word out in your community, try getting a seasonal spot on your local TV station. For example, I have done segments on such topics as Romantic Hair for Valentine’s DayHow to Protect Your Hair from the Summer Sun, and Quick and Easy Tricks for Holiday Hair. I present the idea to the producer along with before and after photos and then demonstrate the look quickly on air (usually 3-4 minutes is all you get).
Newspaper is noteworthy.
Whenever something exciting and newsworthy is going on in your salon, send out a press release to the local papers. Keep your press releases short and to the point with all the key information in the first 10 words. Next include all of your contact info including address, phone, email, and Website. Participating in charity events are great press and also good for the heart! It took five press releases before my local paper wrote an article, however, it was a beautiful spread when we finally got in! So, don’t give up… persistence always pays off. Keep at it. One-by-one you will see that the Power of the Media can help you get new clients. It is up to your excellent service to retain them.
I must say, I am no marketing specialist; however, doing the things in my “Power of the Media” series have brought in a consistent stream of new clients. If you have further questions, consult a markting specialist like the Salon Guru who has helped hundreds of salons fine tune their marketing messages via the media.
It is my great pleasure to be sharing insider industry information in Sherri’s Steps to Style” PBA blogs! I invite you to follow me on TwitterFacebook and visit my website to check out the plethora of articles found there. I will be covering such topics as tips on hair and makeup, working with celebrities, salon ownership, marketing tools, business building, and advanced education. Also, feel free to contact me with topic suggestions.

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