Thursday, September 15, 2011

Exotic Work Trip!

Preparing for a 2 week adventure to launch RUSK professional hair care to India! Our itinerary looks both exciting and exhausting as we travel from city to city sharing info on the fantastic products, tools, and services. My friend, and co-worker, Marcus Caillet and I will be responsible for:

  • Training the Indian Technical Team
  • Training the Indian Sales Force
  • Introducing Rusk to the International Media
  • Presenting Rusk techniques to Indian Salons & Stylists


Me with my mother. She was kind to print my very LONG agenda.

I am getting very anxious for the event. We had to apply for a special business Visa, get numerous immunizations and take an anti-malaria medication for 6 weeks! To help prepare for the trip, I looked at photos from my last Indian adventure, which was in 2008. I invite you to watch my video compilation. Can't wait to meet the many beautiful people!