Thursday, September 22, 2011

First few days in India

Headstart International is debuting Rusk professional haircare in India! 
According to Beauty News, Headstart is credited to "Bringing the finest in global beauty care to India. Thecompany that introduced this country to Rusk, the internationally renowned leader in the professional salon industry credited with providing stylists and consumers with top-of-the-line hair care, including easy-to-use products & tools, for achieving everything from the latest avant-garde runway look to the next "must-have" hairstyle. This is just one in a long line of some of the world's most sought after grooming products that's been brought over to redefine beauty culture in India."
Marcus and me with the education and sales team.
We have been working our buns off, however, the people are so sweet here and I am afraid I will be chubby after eating all this great Indian food. We will be traveling on to Chandigarh, Bombay, and Bangalore. 
I was pleased to find out my photo made the COVER of Indian Salon International and also a 5 page spread! We have had many interviews with the Indian media as they are very excited about Rusk products coming to their country. The time efficient cutting methods are very intriguing.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

As seen in PBA News: 4 Ps of Goal Setting

Precision, Passion, Persistance = Perfection

by Sherri Jessee
Success can be achieved when you take the time to organize your desires for the future and set goals toward achieving those desires.
Goals that may have seemed far away and out of reach eventually move closer and become attainable.
List the specific things you want to achieve. Do you want more clients? Would you like to have your work published? Would you like to win a NAHA? A precise goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal. List your goals and commit to achieving them. Putting something in writing about your goals is the first step toward making them happen. By writing down your goals and setting a time line, events are set into motion that may not have happened otherwise. Goals that may have seemed far away and out of reach eventually move closer and become attainable—not because your goals shrink, but because you grow and expand to match them. As you reach your goals, build upon them and set new goals that are even higher.
By achieving one success at a time, you will have an incredible journey.
Think about those things about which you are truly passionate. What would you really love to be doing? Where would you really love to be? Who would you really love to be working with? What makes your heart race when you think about it? Set small goals that you can easily obtain. These are stepping stones that lead to the bigger goals that you will eventually set—the really big ones that give you butterflies in your stomach when thinking about them. By achieving one success at a time, you will have an incredible journey. Establish a way of measuring your progress toward reaching each goal you set. When you are able to complete goals on your list, you will stay on track and experience the excitement of achievement. This will encourage you to continue the efforts required to reach your goals and create new ones.
True success will eventually come to those willing to work hard enough and long enough.
It was Thomas Jefferson who said, “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” True success will eventually come to those willing to work hard enough and long enough to achieve their goals. You must be persistent and set your “GPS” to your final destination. Then have the courage to head out on your journey. Don’t worry if you have to occasionally “re-calculate your route.” With persistence, you WILL get there.
About Sherri Jessee
Sherri Jessee is a 20+ year salon owner, educator and renowned celeberity artist. Visit her website or contact her at Also follow Sherri’s regular PBA Blog, Sherri’s Steps to Style, for insider tips on hair and makeup, working with celebrities, salon ownership, marketing tools, business building, and advanced education.

As seen in PBA News: The Sky is the Limit~The Many Career Options in the Beauty Biz

Written by Sherri Jessee for the PBA  //  July 18, 2011 

sky is limit_stock
For almost as long as I can remember, I have been interested in the world of beauty. Even as a child, I could be found sketching out hair designs and cutting hair. However, never in a thousand years would I have dreamed it be possible for someone from a small town to travel the globe, work with celebrities, have work published in magazines internationally, AND write a column for the Professional Beauty Association! Yet, here I am with the amazing opportunity of sharing with you information on a few of the many opportunities available in the beauty business. After twenty-five years of salon ownership and working behind a chair, I can truly say that I STILL love doing hair. It is tremendously rewarding on a daily basis to be able to help people look their best and, consequently, feel better about 
Here I am with my two wonderful salon assistants, stylists Amy Lauren and Karen Musick

However rewarding working behind the chair can be, there are countless career options available to those fortunate enough to be armed with a cosmetology license. I want to share with you, my professional colleagues, a few of the many options and give some inside info on my personal favorites and, as a bonus, share with you what other indsutry insiders have shared with me!
A few Career Choices in Beauty Biz:
  • Cosmetologist
  • Nail Technician
  • Esthetician/Makeup Artist
  • Wig Specialist
  • Work in a Salon
  • Work on a Cruise Ship or at a Resort
  • Salon Owner/Salon Manager
  • Platform Artist/Educator
  • Hair/makeup for TV, Movies, or Theater
  • Beauty Writer/Magazine Editor
  • Sales Consultant
  • Beauty Advisor/Retail
  • Session Stylist

With the famous Ted Gibson
I asked fan-favorite Ted Gibson to list some of his amazing achievements. Along with working behind the chair (his prices start at an astounding $950 per hair cut!), Ted has been able to “develop a product for a manufacturer; be a beauty school teacher; do editorial and covers for major publications like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Glamour and InStyle; work on the most beautiful celebs in the world; own multiple salons; be the hairdresser on “What Not To Wear”; and even develop [his own] product line.” All this by being a beauty school graduate!
Ever considered the idea of doing hair for fashion shows? Touted as one of the “Four Kings of Fashion Week,” renowned Session Stylist Peter Gray was generous enough to comment on doing hair for such high-profile events, which, according to Peter, requires, “blood, sweat, and tears…with huge highs and lows. The challenge is very real and the satisfaction enormous when it all works.” He exudes, “I wouldn’t trade it for the world!”
The gorgeous work of Peter Gray as seen in Beauty Launchpad
There are also careers available in the print world. As New York editor of Peluquerias International, which is available in sixty-three countries, Helen Oppenheim gets to choose what goes into her magazine. She stresses that “Integrity is key. I only publish the photos I like.  My editors and I agree that the face comes first, then the photo, next the hair and makeup.” Attending the top shows, she also covers the semi-annual Fashion Weeks in her eight beautifully informative columns each year. Timing is also of the essence as “great photos from sources often arrive too late to use that season” due to deadlines.
With the amazing Helen Oppenheim

Thought about owning or managing a salon? As a salon owner/manager, I encourage both professional and personal development in my team and enjoy watching them grow stronger and prosper. The relaxing/nurturing environment in my salon makes it a pleasure to come to work as we all continue to grow our skills. As a platform artist, it is tremendously rewarding to share cutting/coloring/finishing methods with stylists around the world and see them become more confident and successful as a result. Personally, I just love doing session work, and pulling off a successful photo shoot is exhilarating. My NEXT goal is to teach classes on the process.
Just like setting your GPS in your car when you go on a trip, you will need to establish your beginning location and final destination. Then you can map out the steps you need to get where you want to go.”

On stage in India for RUSK with Apeni George and Marcus Cailett

Which brings me to the point of setting goals… It is crucial to do this if you want to see progress. Just like setting your GPS in your car when you go on a trip, you will need to establish your “beginning location” and “final destination.” Then you can map out the steps you need to take to get where you want to go. Occasionally, you may find yourself “recalculating your route.” The momentum is amazing. As skills and connections develop, I am able to do things I NEVER dreamed possible.

Allow me to share with you the building process: When I became an educator, my first goal was to teach in the eight states I could reach in an eight-hour drive. After that goal was reached, I set my goal to teach in half of the US states.  Next, I ordered a passport and set my goal to travel internationally. I have now been to five continents! As one milestone is reached, new goals are formed. Decide what you would like to do and plot your path. If you stick to it with hard work and diligence, you WILL reach your desired destination… and then some!
About the Author
Sherri Jessee has owned Sherri’s Hair Salon in Bristol, VA for 20 plus years. Amazing artistic talents in hair and makeup combined with the knowledge gained from a Bachelor’s degree in education from Emory & Henry College have helped make Sherri one of the most sought after educators in the beauty industry. Sherri has been featured as an industry expert in such acclaimed magazines as OK!, Cosmopolitan and Beauty Entertainment, as well as in numerous educational videos and television shows. Sherri also writes a regular blog entitled “Sherri’s Steps to Style” on PBA’s Beauty Insider blog where she covers topics and offers tips on hair, makeup, working with celebrities, salon ownership, marketing tools, business building, and advanced education. Visit Sherri’s website at sherrijessee.comsee her PBA blog at or contact her at
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Hair Flairs for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Riley loves her Hair Flair pink feathers!
Hair Flairs has created special pink hair feathers to raise awareness about breast cancer during October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month). The feathers are fun and allow you to show support beyond the traditional ribbon or bracelet. 

Amy Lauren sections Riley' s hair.

Hair Flairs has a special offer on the pink feathers for salons (20 - $30 or 60 for $90). Salons can in turn run a fundraising promotion with them and/or just provide to clients as a value added to show support for the cause. Hair feathers are the hottest trend right now in hair and this is just another way to wear the trend and support a very important cause. Feathers can be washed, blow-dried, and flat-ironed.
Hair Flairs can be quickly attached in the salon by a professional.
Salons can order Hair Flairs at  www.hairflairs.comAlso great for sports teams, community groups, and others - if they want to buy a packet and the application tool - it's very easy to put them in (ideally you can show on air how easy it is). We invite you to make your appointment with Amy Lauren at Sherri's Hair Salon and get your Hair Flairs today!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Exotic Work Trip!

Preparing for a 2 week adventure to launch RUSK professional hair care to India! Our itinerary looks both exciting and exhausting as we travel from city to city sharing info on the fantastic products, tools, and services. My friend, and co-worker, Marcus Caillet and I will be responsible for:

  • Training the Indian Technical Team
  • Training the Indian Sales Force
  • Introducing Rusk to the International Media
  • Presenting Rusk techniques to Indian Salons & Stylists


Me with my mother. She was kind to print my very LONG agenda.

I am getting very anxious for the event. We had to apply for a special business Visa, get numerous immunizations and take an anti-malaria medication for 6 weeks! To help prepare for the trip, I looked at photos from my last Indian adventure, which was in 2008. I invite you to watch my video compilation. Can't wait to meet the many beautiful people!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Power of the Media: Part 3-Reaching Out

As seen in the PBA Sherri's Steps to Style Blog

Power of the Media: Part 3-Reaching Out

Thursday, August 18th, 2011
There are an unlimited amount of ways you can network and advertise your message using the Power of the Media… it is mind boggling! In Parts 2 and 3 of this series, I mentioned creating a Website, Facebook and Twitter accounts to advertise all the standard information about you and your salon. Now, it is time to take it a step further by creating content to keep those pages new, fresh and interesting.
Blogging is best.
Blogs are so easy to do. For mine, I went to Blogger and created a free account. At the “dashboard” I can customize the template to create my own personalized blog page. It is very simple to add new blogs. Remember to “KISS” (keep it short and simple, sweetie) your blog and always include photos to keep the attention of your readers. Even if your are not a natural born writer, it’s okay. Blogs can be casual: Write like you talk. Be sure to have a second set of eyes proof read to catch any typos or glaring grammatical errors.
Keep it going.
Post new blog entries on your Facebook and have a link to your blog on your website. Clients can also subscribe to your blog and receive your new blog articles directly via email. To encourage clients to keep in touch, host a monthly contest: for example, draw a name from clients that subscribe to your blog to “like” your Facebook page each month. Prizes could be as simple as a bonus conditioning treatment. Are you beginning to see how all of these media outlets can link together?
Television can be terrific.
To really get the word out in your community, try getting a seasonal spot on your local TV station. For example, I have done segments on such topics as Romantic Hair for Valentine’s DayHow to Protect Your Hair from the Summer Sun, and Quick and Easy Tricks for Holiday Hair. I present the idea to the producer along with before and after photos and then demonstrate the look quickly on air (usually 3-4 minutes is all you get).
Newspaper is noteworthy.
Whenever something exciting and newsworthy is going on in your salon, send out a press release to the local papers. Keep your press releases short and to the point with all the key information in the first 10 words. Next include all of your contact info including address, phone, email, and Website. Participating in charity events are great press and also good for the heart! It took five press releases before my local paper wrote an article, however, it was a beautiful spread when we finally got in! So, don’t give up… persistence always pays off. Keep at it. One-by-one you will see that the Power of the Media can help you get new clients. It is up to your excellent service to retain them.
I must say, I am no marketing specialist; however, doing the things in my “Power of the Media” series have brought in a consistent stream of new clients. If you have further questions, consult a markting specialist like the Salon Guru who has helped hundreds of salons fine tune their marketing messages via the media.
It is my great pleasure to be sharing insider industry information in Sherri’s Steps to Style” PBA blogs! I invite you to follow me on TwitterFacebook and visit my website to check out the plethora of articles found there. I will be covering such topics as tips on hair and makeup, working with celebrities, salon ownership, marketing tools, business building, and advanced education. Also, feel free to contact me with topic suggestions.