Sunday, August 21, 2011

Now on Lifetime TV is "Russian Dolls."

Check out "Russian Dolls" on LIFETIME TV, Thursdays after Project Runway!

 We all love FASHION and we all love REALITY TV. Recently, I had the honor of assisting Karmela Lozina with the hair for  a very special event. Celebrating International Woman’s day, the event included an extravagant fashion show, a live auction, and a fantastic after party, all held at the famous Rasputin Supper Club.

APM model. All photos by Garvey Rich

Fast Friends. I had the good fortune to work on the hair with Karmela Lozina for this special occasion and immediately fell in love with her charming personality! Karmela, one of the youngest senior hair stylists at the posh Sahag Workshop, was personally trained by John Sahag.  With a booming business in the incredible salon located on Madison Avenue in NYC, Karmela is an amazing talent.

Beauty Starts Early. My call time at Sahag Workshop was at 10 am. I brought with me a bag of carefully packed items including blow dryer, brushes, flat irons, large curling irons, clips, combs and even an extension cord. 8 of us squeezed into a van and put our lives into the hands of crazy Russian driver for the scary ride over to Coney Island.  For some reason, he found it necessary to burn rubber each time he accelerated and had a passion for pulling out into oncoming traffic.

Charles Douglas and I catch a photo between working on the models in the dressing room.
Is this Las Vegas? Relieved to arrive at our destination, we piled out of the van and lugged our heavy tool bags up 3 flights of steep steps to the working area.  This was actually the prep area for the Rasputin Cabaret singers and dancers. Surrounded by crazy wigs, colorful bras and spectacular costumes, we plugged in our hot tools and one by one took to the task of beautifying the models for the show.

Me with one of my super-shiny models.

Over the Top Fashion. The lovely models came from APM Agency. The makeup wa by Dex NY. Decked from head to toe in stunning furs from Pologeorgis and decadent accessories from Nexxus Showroom the gorgeous girls were definitely dressed to impress.

One of my models strutting the runway.

The night goes on. After the fashion show there was a delicious dinner, a live auction for charity, lots of dancing, and a few other surprises!  The entire event was being filmed for a Lifetime Reality TV show that is airing now on Thursdays @ 10:30pm, "Russian Dolls".
Marina of Nexxus Showroom, Karmela and me with the ubiquitous Russian Vodka.

The charity fashion show was produced by: Tobi Ruinstein Schneier &Marina Levitis (pictured above).

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