Wednesday, August 17, 2011

As seen in PBA Blog: Power of the Media: Part 2-Internet

Using the Power of the Media to spread the good word about your business can be your best form of advertising. Using the Internet can be a great way to begin your FREE media networking plan… the only price you have to invest is your time.

In Part 1 of this “Sherri’s Steps to Style” blog series, I shared tips on using Facebook to advertise your salon. In Part 2, I share three more internet marketing tools available including:
  • Your Website
  • Twitter
  • Industry-Specific Social Networking
Create your own Website. 
I can say from personal experience, it is possible to create, publish, and maintain a website with minimal technical skills. The Sherri’s Hair Salon website was easily created on my MacBook computer using the iLife-iWeb template and published free through my MobileMe account. For PC users, there are programs available for you, too. Be sure to include the pertinent contact information, salon hours, and services available. You can create separate pages for photos and bios of your staff, listing of services offered with corresponding pricing, as well as links to other pages like your Facebook and Twitter. We get new clients each week from our website. New people moving to our area do a Google search, and POW! up pops our salon’s website.
Tweet to success. 

Speaking of Twitter, now is also a great time to start a Twitter account. Social Media is the #1 activity on the Internet. Twitter allows for instant updates with small bits of info. Twitter and Facebook can complement one another. Twitter gives an immediate pulse on news and events while Facebook allows for a more visual space for you to stay connected. Encourage your clients to follow the salon on Twitter.  “Tweet” out if you have a cancellation that can be filled, new product information, salon retail specials, etc.
The circle be unbroken.
One interested phenomena is how easily each of these networking devices can link to one another. A QR code on your business card can link to your Website, which links to your Facebook, which links to your Twitter which Tweets a new blog entry, which is read by other industry insiders on a industry-specific media site which links back to your website, etc… The circle of information can go on and on. Social Media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. Now is the time for you to join in and take advantage of how your salon business can benefit.
Industry-specific networking.
There are numerous media networking sites available that are beauty industry specific such as SalonGalaxyHairbrainedHairkuGlamour Tool, and Cozzme. Here, you can advertise your salon and all pertinent info just like you would on your website and these sites are absolutely free! These listings allow your salon to come up first on Search Engines, thus provide excellent advertisement when someone is searching for a salon in your area. In addition, these sites have blogs, articles, and videos that are educational to both stylist and consumer. As an added benefit, stylists can also set up individual accounts to advertise their own personal portfolios, network with other salon professionals, and learn from other industry professionals without ever leaving home.

The time is now.
Go ahead and begin creating your website, Twitter account, and choose an industry site that suits your needs. If you are afraid, or have little experience with using your computer, these services can be hired out by a PR specialist or it may be possible to trade services with a tech savvy client… Think about it, you could delegate the work out.  Trade your excellent haircare skills with someone’s creative computer skills and you both will be richer for it!

It is my great pleasure to be sharing insider industry information in Sherri’s Steps to Style” PBA blogs! I invite you to follow me on TwitterFacebook and visit my website to check out the plethora of articles found there. I will be covering such topics as tips on hair and makeup, working with celebrities, salon ownership, marketing tools, business building, and advanced education. Also, feel free to contact me at sherrijessee@me.comwith topic suggestions.

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