Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to do a Milk Maid Braid

All four styles shown in this Femme Florale Collection began with simple pony tails. Watch this quick video to learn how to create a Milk Maid Braid. Accessorize with flowers or an antique brooch for a special touch.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pay it forward:

My dear friends in the beauty biz, you will be inspired by this great story from my mother, Charlotte Duncan. Trust me, after reading this article, you will want to learn more about KIVA and also visit my mother's site to see the beautiful success stories.

My mother, Charlotte Duncan shares her story of kindness.

I have been loaning money through KIVA.ORG since June 2007. I started with a total of $300, which is handled through PayPal. As money is repaid, it is added back to my account. As soon as I have enough money to reloan, notifies me. I have now loaned $950. The least amount of money you can loan to one person is $25, and, a non-profit, asks for a 15% administrative fee, which I always donate.
Rosemary from Kenya received a loan from Charlotte to purchase supplies. She has repaid it 100%.

Of my 38 loans, 92% have been to females.

Locations are as follows: 15 loans to Mexico; 3 each to Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Cambodia; 2 to Lebanon; and 1 each to Armenia, Bolivia, Ghana, Guatemala Honduras, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Tanzania, Togo, and the United States.

The types of loans I have made include 18 for services (47.37%); 6 for housing (15.79%); 4 for retail (10.53%); 3 for construction (7.89%); 3 for food (7.89%); 2 for clothing (5.26%); 1 for personal use (2.63%); and 1 for arts, 2.63%. Of the 18 service loans, 12 have been for beauty salons and 2 for cosmetic sales.

My 38 loans include only 3 defaults -- for a total loss of $32.39. I feel sure that I blow more than that each week on sodas, coffee, wine, and cocktails.

To learn more about Kiva, go to You can also see my loans at

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Great Before and After!

My assistant, Karen Musick, suggested to me,"You should take before and after photos of this because this makeover is going to be great. Alice is such a beautiful woman." Was Karen ever right. Just look at the striking change that a haircut and a bit of makeup can make in the before and after photos featured below.
Oh, what a difference a haircut and a bit of makeup can make!
View the Youtube video to see the steps used for Alice's Makeup.
Follow the steps to achieving this magnificent metamorphosis:
1. A semi-permanent color gloss was applied to enhance shine and boost control. After processing time, hair was shampoo and conditioned.
2. Around 5 inches was removed from the length and layers created throughout the interior with Rusk Beta Blades.
3. To create hold, and protect the hair during heat styling, a light misting of Sherri's Volume Infusion was sprayed on and the hair blown dry with a round brush.
4. For the top, each section was sprayed first with Sherri's Designer Shaping Hairspray to ensure extra hold and the hair was then rolled on large electric rollers from the Babyliss Heat Setter and allowed to cool.
5. After makeup application was completed, rollers were removed and hair was lightly brushed into place.
Check out my new color palette which has all you need to create a great face in only 5 minutes!
This gorgeous makeup is perfect for fall with 12 new eyeshadows, 10 easy to wear lip colors and 2 shades of blush and is available at Sherri's Hair Salon in Bristol, Virginia. We also offer a complimentary consultation and makeup lesson with purchase of $60 palette.  Check out my Sherri's Steps to Style Video Page for more how-to hair and makeup videos.

Now on Lifetime TV is "Russian Dolls."

Check out "Russian Dolls" on LIFETIME TV, Thursdays after Project Runway!

 We all love FASHION and we all love REALITY TV. Recently, I had the honor of assisting Karmela Lozina with the hair for  a very special event. Celebrating International Woman’s day, the event included an extravagant fashion show, a live auction, and a fantastic after party, all held at the famous Rasputin Supper Club.

APM model. All photos by Garvey Rich

Fast Friends. I had the good fortune to work on the hair with Karmela Lozina for this special occasion and immediately fell in love with her charming personality! Karmela, one of the youngest senior hair stylists at the posh Sahag Workshop, was personally trained by John Sahag.  With a booming business in the incredible salon located on Madison Avenue in NYC, Karmela is an amazing talent.

Beauty Starts Early. My call time at Sahag Workshop was at 10 am. I brought with me a bag of carefully packed items including blow dryer, brushes, flat irons, large curling irons, clips, combs and even an extension cord. 8 of us squeezed into a van and put our lives into the hands of crazy Russian driver for the scary ride over to Coney Island.  For some reason, he found it necessary to burn rubber each time he accelerated and had a passion for pulling out into oncoming traffic.

Charles Douglas and I catch a photo between working on the models in the dressing room.
Is this Las Vegas? Relieved to arrive at our destination, we piled out of the van and lugged our heavy tool bags up 3 flights of steep steps to the working area.  This was actually the prep area for the Rasputin Cabaret singers and dancers. Surrounded by crazy wigs, colorful bras and spectacular costumes, we plugged in our hot tools and one by one took to the task of beautifying the models for the show.

Me with one of my super-shiny models.

Over the Top Fashion. The lovely models came from APM Agency. The makeup wa by Dex NY. Decked from head to toe in stunning furs from Pologeorgis and decadent accessories from Nexxus Showroom the gorgeous girls were definitely dressed to impress.

One of my models strutting the runway.

The night goes on. After the fashion show there was a delicious dinner, a live auction for charity, lots of dancing, and a few other surprises!  The entire event was being filmed for a Lifetime Reality TV show that is airing now on Thursdays @ 10:30pm, "Russian Dolls".
Marina of Nexxus Showroom, Karmela and me with the ubiquitous Russian Vodka.

The charity fashion show was produced by: Tobi Ruinstein Schneier &Marina Levitis (pictured above).

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

As seen in PBA Blog: Power of the Media: Part 2-Internet

Using the Power of the Media to spread the good word about your business can be your best form of advertising. Using the Internet can be a great way to begin your FREE media networking plan… the only price you have to invest is your time.

In Part 1 of this “Sherri’s Steps to Style” blog series, I shared tips on using Facebook to advertise your salon. In Part 2, I share three more internet marketing tools available including:
  • Your Website
  • Twitter
  • Industry-Specific Social Networking
Create your own Website. 
I can say from personal experience, it is possible to create, publish, and maintain a website with minimal technical skills. The Sherri’s Hair Salon website was easily created on my MacBook computer using the iLife-iWeb template and published free through my MobileMe account. For PC users, there are programs available for you, too. Be sure to include the pertinent contact information, salon hours, and services available. You can create separate pages for photos and bios of your staff, listing of services offered with corresponding pricing, as well as links to other pages like your Facebook and Twitter. We get new clients each week from our website. New people moving to our area do a Google search, and POW! up pops our salon’s website.
Tweet to success. 

Speaking of Twitter, now is also a great time to start a Twitter account. Social Media is the #1 activity on the Internet. Twitter allows for instant updates with small bits of info. Twitter and Facebook can complement one another. Twitter gives an immediate pulse on news and events while Facebook allows for a more visual space for you to stay connected. Encourage your clients to follow the salon on Twitter.  “Tweet” out if you have a cancellation that can be filled, new product information, salon retail specials, etc.
The circle be unbroken.
One interested phenomena is how easily each of these networking devices can link to one another. A QR code on your business card can link to your Website, which links to your Facebook, which links to your Twitter which Tweets a new blog entry, which is read by other industry insiders on a industry-specific media site which links back to your website, etc… The circle of information can go on and on. Social Media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. Now is the time for you to join in and take advantage of how your salon business can benefit.
Industry-specific networking.
There are numerous media networking sites available that are beauty industry specific such as SalonGalaxyHairbrainedHairkuGlamour Tool, and Cozzme. Here, you can advertise your salon and all pertinent info just like you would on your website and these sites are absolutely free! These listings allow your salon to come up first on Search Engines, thus provide excellent advertisement when someone is searching for a salon in your area. In addition, these sites have blogs, articles, and videos that are educational to both stylist and consumer. As an added benefit, stylists can also set up individual accounts to advertise their own personal portfolios, network with other salon professionals, and learn from other industry professionals without ever leaving home.

The time is now.
Go ahead and begin creating your website, Twitter account, and choose an industry site that suits your needs. If you are afraid, or have little experience with using your computer, these services can be hired out by a PR specialist or it may be possible to trade services with a tech savvy client… Think about it, you could delegate the work out.  Trade your excellent haircare skills with someone’s creative computer skills and you both will be richer for it!

It is my great pleasure to be sharing insider industry information in Sherri’s Steps to Style” PBA blogs! I invite you to follow me on TwitterFacebook and visit my website to check out the plethora of articles found there. I will be covering such topics as tips on hair and makeup, working with celebrities, salon ownership, marketing tools, business building, and advanced education. Also, feel free to contact me at sherrijessee@me.comwith topic suggestions.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Recently, I had the pleasure to take part an exclusive COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE event.
Just love this photo of me with Kim Kardashian on the cover of the new COSMOPOLITAN Magazine. Proud to say, my hair work has appeared in COSMO many times in Rusk advertisements including a full page in this issue!

The event as advertised online in New York Guest of a Guest.
 Held at the Hudson Terrace, this invitation only event was host to editors, advertisers and readers of COSMOPOLITAN Magazine. Cool music was pounding in the background as excited guests went from station to station sampling yummy snacks, drinking cocktails, getting great gift bags, and BONUS: having complimentary hair touch ups!
One of the many lucky girls getting her hair touched up at the event.
Rusk sent in cases of travel sizes of our most sought after styling products including Str8, Mousse, Jel FX, Thick, Wired, W8Less, W8Less Plus, and even Deepshine Oil!
COSMO Associate Promotion Manager, Jessica Shenker, was amazing! She helped set up our Rusk styling station, give out our many samples, and keep track of the guests anxiously waiting in line to have their hair expertly styled. 

Curling and braiding were favorite style requests for the night. Whenever you use a heat styling tool, it's important to set your iron to the correct temperature for your hair type and mist the hair with a heat protector, like Rusk Thermal Iron Spray.

Jillian and I take time to snap a pic before the rush of the crowd. Many thanks to Brandi Flournoy, COSMOPOLITAN's Associate Special Projects Manager, and Joia Calderaro, Conair Media Planner, for allowing us to take part in this event!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Get your ticket now and save for the Ft Lauderdale Beauty Show!


Jo Blackwell-Preston & Sherri Jessee return for the inaugural event of the Fort Lauderdale Beauty Show, offering 3 hour hands-on workshops! Sherri Jessee will also be a part of our mainstage extravaganza!
Visit our Workshop Page

Workshop Description:
Follow Sherri in a 3-hour hands-on cutting experience to recreate one of her amazing main-stage presentation looks. In this interactive hands-on class, she will demonstrate various finishing techniques designed for salon clients and share special tricks to make quick changes on set for a photo shoot.
Tools to bring:
-Note Pad -Pen/Pencil -Water Bottle -Hand Towel-Scissors -Thinning Shears/Chunkers -Cutting Comb
*Sherri will also be teaching a complimentary marketing class sharing ideas on how to use social media, photo shoots and television to promote your salon business.

*Sherri will also be a part of our main stage extravaganza taking place Sunday!
Fresh off the main stages of Premiere in Orlando, the Miami Beauty Show, and the Sydney Expo in Australia, Sherri Jessee can also be seen working with celebrities, in live TV interviews, videos, and charity fundraisers. 
With work featured in more than forty acclaimed publications including  OK! Magazine, COSMOPOLITAN, named “One to Watch” by MODERN SALON Magazine and listed among Top 40 Platform Artists by Beauty Entertainment Magazine, and widely quoted as an industry expert in the international media, Sherri is a recognized source for all things beauty.
Knowledge gained from a BA in Education, amazing artistic talents in hair and makeup, and more than two decades of successful salon ownership have made Sherri Jessee one of the most sought-after educators in the beauty industry. 
*Workshops are NON-REFUNDABLE.
*2-Day Show ticket included.
*Seats are limited.
*Class time and room will be posted 2 weeks prior to the event.
Spaces Available: 30
Sunday-09/11/2011 To Monday-09/12/2011
  • Before 08/31 :$ 150.00
  • After 08/31: $200.00
  • Contact IBBS

    If you would like to speak with one of our representatives please call us at 1866-351-7469 below and we will be happy to assist you.

    The Fort Lauderdale Beauty Show is South Florida’s #1 educational event for beauty professionals and future professionals. We are celebrating our 1st year at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center on September 11th & 12th, 2011, where exhibitors will be displaying, demonstrating as well as selling their products and services.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

As seen in PBA News: Power of the Media: Part 1-Facebook

This is re-posted from my Sherri's Steps to Style Blog for the Professional Beauty Association.

“Happy, satisfied clients” will always be your best advertisement. Word-of-mouth advertising is more influential than any other form of advertising.
Think of using the Power of the Media to spread the good word about your business. Using the Internet can be a great way to begin your FREE media marketing plan… the only price you have to invest is your time.
In my next few “Sherri’s Steps to Style” blogs, I will discuss in detail various media marketing methods, which will include:
  • Facebook
  • Your Website
  • Blogs
  • Industry-Specific Social Networking
  • Twitter
  • Guest Blogging
  • Television
  • Video
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
The Facebook Frenzy.
With more than 600 millionactive users, this easy-to-use tool is a great way to begin taking advantage of the free advertisement the Internet can offer your salon. Create a page for your salon and invite your clients to “like” the page. You can add essential info like your hours, location with a map, list of services, website, etc.
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.
Facebook allows you the opportunity to very simply create photo albums. EVERYONE loves pictures. People spend hours looking at photos on Facebook. Create interesting albums for:
  1. Your Salon
  2. Your Staff
  3. Press Coverage
  4. Your Portfolio
  5. And, Before and After Pics

Professional & Positive Posts.
Always present yourself and your salon in the most professional, positive manner when posting status updates. To increase exposure, actively seek influential friends in your community and make periodic comments on their pages. With this type of networking your salon’s page will come up in the news feed and thus, more people will “like” your page. Make frequent updates to your Facebook page… Use the power of the page to increase recognition and  increase salon business.
It is my great pleasure to be sharing insider industry information in Sherri’s Steps to Style” PBA blogs! I invite you to follow me on TwitterFacebook and visit my website to check out the plethora of articles found there. I will be covering such topics as tips on hair and makeup, working with celebrities, salon ownership, marketing tools, business building, and advanced education. Also, feel free to contact me at sherrijessee@me.comwith topic suggestions.