Monday, July 4, 2011

Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

Summer can wreak havoc on your hair with exposure to sun and chlorine damage, and high humidity. To maintain gorgeous, healthy tresses all summer long, it is imperative to protect your hair with the correct products. I recently visited Daytime Tricities to share tips on taking care of your summer hair with Amy Lynn.
The correct products can help you maintain healthy hair in all seasons.
Chlorine Damage: Chlorine removes the natural protective oils from the hair and scalp causing a severe drying effect. Hair can become brittle, dry, and prone to breaks as well as splitting. Wet hair thoroughly with non-chlorinated water before entering a pool - your hair will absorb the water and will be less likely to absorb the chlorinated water. After a swim rinse your hair as soon as possible - club soda is actually knows to ease the adverse effects of chlorine. Condition your hair - it's important to use a deep conditioner at least once a week.
Deepshine Lustre is a 3 in One Miracle Product: it improves condition, shine, and gives sunscreen protection!

Sun Damage: UV rays can be harmful to the hair as well as the skin. Some signs of sun damaged hair would be faded hair color, and dry, brittle hair. There are amazing products on the market that will protect your hair from the sun and will ALSO cut down on the frizziness we see from humidity.  RUSK has the amazing DEEPSHINE LUSTRE which is a three-in-one, miracle product.  Whether you're looking to repair already damaged hair or protect hair - this is the product for you.  It infuses the hair with moisturizing marine extracts, natural lipids, strengthening proteins and protective UVB inhibitors. 
Rusk Deepshine Oil is a popular argan enriched oil.
Humidity: Humidity is known to ruin our hair during the summer months. What's actually happens is that as humidity increases, the hair absorbs moisture and becomes bigger, causing frizziness. Rusk Deepshine Oil can help seal the cuticle, and block humidity, thus preventing bad hair days.
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