Sunday, June 5, 2011

Check out Vivienne Mackinder’s 2012 Educational Calendar

Last fall I had the wonderful opportunity to attend one of Vivienne Mackinder’s amazing 3 day Photo Shoot Workshop in NYC where she so generously shared her magic.

Check me out with my mannequin... I cut her hair into an asymmetric graduated bob and then finished her out. We worked with cool styling techniques and then Vivienne took photos of our work to see how it read on film.

Here Vivienne is SEWING hair!  She would demonstrate a technique and then we would execute it on our mannequins. We learned so much!

The class was small... only 9 students plus Vivienne and a few of her fantastic assistants.  We had plenty of help, if needed!

The 3 days culminated in a photo shoot where we had the honor of assisting Vivienne on set. Here you see me using rag rollers on model, Samantha.

Here is my great friend, David Maderich doing the makeup for the shoot.

I would highly recommend attending one of Vivienne’s classes. You can see the finished “Rouge” Collection photos created at this shoot in new issue of M.O.D. magazine @  In addition, at that amazing site you will also find a full menu of Viv’s incredible education.

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