Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rusk on the Premiere Orlando Main Stage

Premiere is a super busy hair show held each June at the Orlando Convention Center. Not just a place for theme parks but, also a true fantasy land for stylists, the event brings around 40,000 salon professionals from around the world together under one roof to learn the latest and greatest trends in the Beauty Biz.
We have a rehearsal on the main stage the day before the big show. As part of the Creative Team for Rusk, a professional hair care line that features innovative tools, products, and services, I had the good fortune to present on the Main Stage at Premiere. This special venue is isolated from the busy show floor in a lovely theatre.
We had great makeup artists, however, the schedule was running tight so, I  offered a bit of assistance in getting my model, Sarah ready on time. The gorgeous platinum blonde was created with Rusk Deepshine White powdered lightener and toned with Rusk Deepshine Demi.
Sang Ng did an amazing job with the wardrobe. She is one of the brightest and most interesting young women I know.

Here you can see Rusk Canada's Show and Education Director,Don Wyatt, explaining the color of my beautiful model, Krystal Lorraine. We presented the Rusk 2011 Collection, "Global Inspiration," which was created by Naz Kupelian, Maria Guasta, and Angela Greenland. This gorgeous collection takes its inspiration from three top cities around world: Tokyo, New York, and Barcelona.

The Main Stage in Orlando is huge and really beautiful. The AV guys did  a great job producing the show. Look at me up on the enormous video screen!
Love the smiles on the team at the finale of the show. Incredible gratitude goes to the hard work of the fantastic Rusk Design Force! It is only with the combined efforts of the huge team and the excellent leadership of our show and education director, Jim Roberts, we were able to pull off another successful show.

As Seen in the Professional Beauty Association "Sherri's Steps to Style" Blog

The Best Job in the World

I've heard it said, "Get a job you love and you will never work a day in your life."  After more than two decades in the beauty biz, I must admit, I haven't worked a single day!  Personally, for those of you thinking about entering into a wonderful career in cosmetology, I offer you 2 THUMBS UP.
Sherri on stage at ISSE 2011

Armed with the knowledge gained from a BA in Education from Emory & Henry College, combined with my love for doing hair and makeup, I have had the good fortune to share information on the main stages of international hair shows as a RUSK educator; work with celebrities in live TV interviews, videos, and charity fundraisers; have my work grace the pages of more than 20 publications; and be quoted widely as an industry expert - all of this while owning and operating Sherri's Hair Salon in Bristol, VA.

Sherri's Hair Salon

However, you don't have to take if from only me.
US News and World Report and the Wall Street Journal, two of our nation's well-respected publications have ranked Cosmetology among top career choices scoring high in both job satisfaction and employment outlook. Among reasons cited were:
Job with prestige: Considered artisans, we work with our hands to create a master piece for each client.
Job with highest pay: National average salary per year (NOT including tips) is between $33,000 and $46,000.
Least difficult training: Training can be completed (depending upon locale) in 9 months to 2 years.
Job satisfaction: It is our job to make people feel and look beautiful.
Best outlook in an economic crisis: The US Bureau of Labor & Statistics expects employment in the field of cosmetology to grow faster than most occupations.
Great environment to work: Fashion forward and  flexible hours are possible.
Ability to be creative: Every day is different as we personalize style for our clients.

Sherri on set doing makeup

As mentioned previously, there are many opportunities for growth within the beauty industry.  The majority of cosmetologists work in a salon or spa.  Beyond that, there is also potential for entrepreneurship with many options to start your own business with salon ownership or booth rental.  For those really business minded, positions are available in sales, distribution and marketing.  Teaching is an option, working either as an educator in a school or as a representative for a manufacturer, doing in salon classes and platform work. It is also possible to do hair or makeup for television, movies, and printed publications.

Sherri on stage at Intercoiffure 

Cosmetology can be a wonderful career choice.  Thank goodness for the suggestion of a dear friend who said, "You have always liked to cut hair. Why don't you go to beauty school?" After all these years, I still remain passionate about the beauty industry by continuing to grow and develop my skills.

Whether standing behind the chair in my salon, or in front of an audience of 2,000, my goal is always to "Be nice and do pretty hair."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hottest New Hair Trend: Simplicity Hair Extensions by Tressallure

Amy Lauren with her Simplicity Hair Extensions by TressAllure.
One of the hottest trends in Hollywood today is to have long hair. Amy Lauren recently cut 8 inches off of her hair and donated it to Beautiful Lengths. She had been enjoying her "Lob," or Long Bob, however, it had lost it's shape. A great way of getting through the "in-between" stage of growing your hair out is to have hair extensions added to create desired length.
The newest technology in hair extensions is "Simplicity Hair" by Tressallure. The amazingly talented Vivienne Mackinder shared how easy Simplicity Hair is to use recently at the Premiere Orlando Show.
Placing the extension.
You can watch a video on Launchpad On the Go to see how easy it is for a professional to apply this beautiful hair.
Special tape secures the extension to the hair.
This can actually be a service completed on your lunch hour. You can see how amazing Amy Lauren looks with her new hair. "They are not heavy at all and they lay flat to my head! I can move my head around naturally with out fear they will drop out or reveal clips. I LOVE IT!"
The gorgeous after shot. 
Simplicity, a patented new hair extension system is easily applied with a patented adhesive technology that applies flat to the client's natural hair and is available in 26 shades and three textures.
Color Swatches.

Local clients can contact us Sherri's Hair Salon for more info. Salon professionals that desire are interested in Simplicity Hair Extensions can call TressAllure @ 800-777-9447.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Safe straightening: RUSK Anti-Curl. A great smoothing service for years!

The visible results are dramatic on the right side of this photo. RUSK Anti-Curl has the ability to reduce curl and remove unwanted frizz allowing for easier styling.
RUSK Anti-Curl, popular since the 1990s, has been the superior smoothing choice for millions of happy clients... and with no worries of dangerous formaldehyde. There are three formulas to choose from for normal, tinted, and resistant hair.
For frizz control, this easy to apply service can be completed on your lunch time! We specialize in Anti-Curl at Sherri's Hair Salon. Locate a Rusk salon in your area at

View informative how-to videos at Monkey See to learn more about Smoothing Service Options.

As seen in YourBEAUTY Industry Magazine: Diversifying Style

Our hair is our finest accessory! To make your very own daily fashion statement, diversify your style from one day to the next.  It is quite possible to get more than one look out of a short cut with the right products and tools.  Here, you will see how celebrity stylist, Sherri Jessee, created four completely different looks on one gorgeous model, Kara.

Look One: Silky Smooth
To achieve Look One, Sherri Jessee first created the perfect short cut.  She used zig zags for a longer front and shorter back and the RUSK Beta blades to simultaneously create both length and texture.

Look Two: Fantastic Fullness
For Look Two, RUSK Being Gusty was evenly distributed and blown into the hair for thickness with the new W8LESS blowdryer. 

Look Three: Terrific Texture
To get Look Three: Sherri used a Gold N Hot crimping iron to create terrific texture on the top.  A nude lip was created with Mary Kay Creme to Powder Foundation.

Look Four: Classic Waves
For Look Four: Sherri carved in a finger waved pattern similar to those seen in 1920s Hollywood. The makeup was amped up with the addition of Hourglass Extreme Sheen Lipgloss in Siren.

Hair and Makeup: Sherri Jessee; Photography: Roberto Ligresti; Model: Kara

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sydney Expo Down Under!

RUSK had a beautiful presence recently at the Sydney Expo in Australia. The action packed international beauty show was held at the Convention Center in gorgeous Darling Harbor. Take a look at a few pics from my most recent journey where I travelled over 20,000 miles!
The US and Australian Rusk Teams for the weekend are picutred R-L: Fiona from New Zealand, Karen Kaiser, Julie Merrit, Don Wyatt, Lee Rizzuto, Ross Joseph, Carly Madden, Drew Friebe, Fiona Haycraft, Sherri Jessee, Paul Woess, and Jody Gunn.

A photo of me cutting my model, Christine's, hair on the Main Stage. Her hair color was brilliant: transitioning from bright copper to intense red with flashes of red-violet.
Our group before going on the Main Stage. What a wonderful group of models we had. The people of Australia are especially sweet.
Fiona did an amazing job organizing the event. She and Jody were awesome. They
join us on the Main Stage which had a huge audience. 
We cut and colored so many models for the 3 show days. Education was non stop as we had 2 Main Stage performances and 12 classes in our stand.
At work on our "Stand" Stage with Drew and our gorgeous presentation models. I was very impressed with our beautifully made stage. Congratulations to Rusk Australia for a job very well done! I wish you much success as you continue to build your business and hope to come back very soon!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Check out Vivienne Mackinder’s 2012 Educational Calendar

Last fall I had the wonderful opportunity to attend one of Vivienne Mackinder’s amazing 3 day Photo Shoot Workshop in NYC where she so generously shared her magic.

Check me out with my mannequin... I cut her hair into an asymmetric graduated bob and then finished her out. We worked with cool styling techniques and then Vivienne took photos of our work to see how it read on film.

Here Vivienne is SEWING hair!  She would demonstrate a technique and then we would execute it on our mannequins. We learned so much!

The class was small... only 9 students plus Vivienne and a few of her fantastic assistants.  We had plenty of help, if needed!

The 3 days culminated in a photo shoot where we had the honor of assisting Vivienne on set. Here you see me using rag rollers on model, Samantha.

Here is my great friend, David Maderich doing the makeup for the shoot.

I would highly recommend attending one of Vivienne’s classes. You can see the finished “Rouge” Collection photos created at this shoot in new issue of M.O.D. magazine @  In addition, at that amazing site you will also find a full menu of Viv’s incredible education.