Sunday, May 29, 2011

Website Updated:

i-Life has a very easy to use website design program called i-Web. It is so easy to maneuver that it is possible for a Mac user to create their very own website and customize it. You can add text, photos, movies, and widgets, and publish your site through your Mobile Me account. 
My website,, is always a work in progress. As I have new information, it is simple to change it up right from my own computer and publish the site changes in minutes. Yesterday, I created a new home page. Can you believe the idea came to me in a dream? Each of the eight photo tiles represent a different page or site and you can click on each of the above tiles and they will take you directly there. Allow me to walk you through the various options.  

When you click on the "REAL CUTS for REAL PEOPLE" tile, you will go directly to the site where you can purchase my new educational DVD featuring 3 of my favorite haircuts.
See a few of my many videos when you click on the "Video" tile. 
Click the "Press" tile to go to the page that lists the magazines my work has been published in and read a few of the featured stories.
I really enjoy my Facebook Friends and have met so many talented people in the industry via social networking. I love it when people comment on my pics and share my stuff on their own sites! Click on "Facebook" to to straight to my page.
Click on the "About Sherri" tile to read a short version of my professional bio.

When you click on the "Sherri's Hair Salon" tile, you will go to this site where you can view a video compilation of my work. I am proud to say Sherri's Hair Salon is a member of Intercoiffure America Canada!
See some of my hair and makeup work in my "Portfolio."
Click on the "Follow Sherri's Blog" tile to go to my blog. Please enter your email address to subcribe as this is the best way to keep up with "Sherri's Steps to Style!" With hundreds of my articles published world wide, I am increasingly being known as in industry expert with my blogging.  Please keep in touch by commenting and sending me new topic suggestions.  

Remember, I am now booking customized seminars on cutting, coloring, finishing, photo shoots, and marketing.  You can contact me at

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