Monday, May 23, 2011

As Seen on Daytime Tri-Cities WJHL TV: How to Get Romantic Hair

As Seen on Daytime Tri-Cities: How to Get Romantic Hair
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It is easy to create your own soft and romantic perfect for Valentine’s Day or any special night with your honey!  So, what kind of hairstyle qualifies as romantic? Check out these hairstyles for some inspiration on flirty, feminine hairstyles.

1.Scarlet Johanson show of soft, undone waves.  These touchable loose curls are super sexy and flirty.

2.A sideswept pony-tail like this one Carrie Underwood is another fantastic flirty look and is very eary to acheive.  After curling your hair, simply twist the hair off to one side and pin to secure.

3. Keep in mind,  makeup should be soft and natural.  I would suggest using warm tones on the eyes, a neutral gloss on the lips, and create a rosy glow on the cheeks.

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  1. Ahh!! This look is so cute (yet, again) I love the shorts! I'm in serious need of shorts, but I can never find cute ones like those Television Makeup Artist Sydney