Sunday, April 10, 2011

In-Salon Seminars are Superior

Huge Hair Shows.
Attending huge hair shows are definitely great sources of inspiration and I highly recommend stylists attending at least one per year to see what is new and exciting. This will keep you motivated and informed on current trends. Below is a pic of me on the Main Stage with the RUSK team at the first big show of the year, ISSE (International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach, CA).

In-Salon Seminars.
We hairstylists learn by seeing and doing. The most effective way to really grasp new techniques is with an in salon seminar. A class customized to your salon's personal education needs delivered in the comfort of your own environment is a fantastic way to first see up close and personally -- a new technique and then, right away have the opportunity to put it into action

The Perfect Process.
In advance of the class, the ambitious salon owner of  The Garden Salon, Shea Davis Prospero, listed out to me the items she and her staff were interested in. The day consisted of an intense sharing session on a plethora of topics including how to prepare for a photo shoot, new trends, tricks for quick up-styles, and the importance of retail. The hands-on training featured fast and efficient coloring and cutting methods.

A Richer Resume.
Knowledge = Confidence and Confidence = SUCCESS! A richer resume will instill confidence in your clients and simultaneously keep you fresh and excited about the beauty industry. There are many types of advanced education available. In-Salon Seminars are a wonderful of way getting exactly what you are searching for and in a cost effective manner. Save big bucks on tickets/travel entailed in sending your entire salon to a show or training and instead have me come directly to you for your very own customized class! Please contact me for booking information with an email to

Kind Compliments.
"The salon felt the class was very informative and great info. We all really liked the shortcuts on an updo and make your own hair pieces. (These are great helpful ideas.)" reports Shea Davis Prospero in an after class survey.

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