Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pass on the Good News: Current Promotions at Sherri's Hair Salon

Everyone loves a contest and now YOU have a chance to win!
There is a method to my madness: I picked a prize that would be something that personally, I would want to win. Asheville is a beautiful tiny-city nestled into the mountains of western North Carolina. With its carefree atmosphere, it is a fantastic place to go for great food, shopping and people watching in general. Each time you do one of the 3Rs, your name will be dropped into our prize pot for the drawing on June 1. Good luck!

A sure fire way of winning is to subscribe to my Sherri's Steps to Style blog. This will keep you informed on all that's going on in "Sherri's World". Stop by the salon for a free gift just for registering your email on my blog! Another way to keep in touch is for you to "like" Sherri's Hair Salon on Facebook. Share this with your friends!!

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