Sunday, April 24, 2011

Behind the Scenes at a Video Shoot

Sherri styles Jane on set

A lot of prep work goes into shooting a hair cutting video.  Check out some photos from my recent shoot.  We travelled to Birmingham, Alabama to film the transformation. Jane was a great model and her new look included both color and cut!

Jane Before 

The first step for Jane was to even up her hair color.  I put in highlights with a creme bleach and then tinted the remaining hair with RUSK Deepshine deposit only, demi-permanent color.

Jane getting her color

Look for my upcoming “Classic Cuts” video collection available soon to learn the cutting and finishing techniques!
I also filmed exclusive footage at Color Studios in NYC which will be part of the cutting DVD and used for promotion. The cutting video, REAL CUTS FOR REAL PEOPLE will be available for purchase soon @

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