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Vivienne Makinder is AMAZING!! I had the wonderful opportunity to assist Vivienne at the Intercoiffure America Canada Spring Symposium and see her gorgeous work up close. Be sure to join her website: where stylists of all levels can continue to learn and be inspired.

This is re-posted As Seen in Hair Designer TV Blog:

Bridal Bounty

Intercoiffure USA & Canada
“Remember what the bride is paying for her shoes and her bouquet. Her hair is much more important than these items, but often she spends less on the hair.  It is up to us to build the value and deliver great value.”
MIAMI: Legendary hairdresser Vivienne Mackinder sent 12 brides down the aisle and onto the main stage at the Spring Symposium, held by Intercoiffure America/Canada (ICA) on April 17-18 in Miami’s South Beach. The bridal styles were the grand finale to her Spring Trend Collection and showcased Mackinder’s stellar hairdressing skills as well as her signature use of haute couture.

“This collection is meant to remind stylists of the great artistic and financial value in building a bridal business,” notes Mackinder. “It’s important to capture the total beauty of the client, especially on her wedding day, one of the most important days of her life. You must see the bride not only as a fashion statement, but also as an individual. The hairstyle must fit the bride from the inside out.”

The well-known bridal design house Demetrios ( donated the gowns and accessories for this collection.

Vivienne Mackinder has served as ICA’s Fashion Director since 2010, and as such brings the collective creative vision of the organization into focus. “The members of Intercoiffure represent the top salons in North America,” says Mackinder. “Sharing ideas on how to grow our businesses is just as important as sharing our creative ideas.”

Vivienne Mackinder

Vivienne Mackinder’s 10 Top Tips for Building a Successful Bridal Business
  1. consultation look book – Ask your bridal client to bring in images of hairstyles she likes. In addition put together a ‘look book’ of bridal styles that you are able to recreate.
  2. request an image of the gown and veil or headdress for the consultation – Make sure the image shows the gown and veil on the bride, not hanging from an hanger. Why is this important? So you can see the silhouette and design the hairstyle from head to toe, understanding the period that the gown reflects (e.g., 20s,  modern and minimal, fairy tale, opulent).  At this time you must determine if the style has to be built around a veil or headdress. Remember you are pulling together the total look. Don’t cut your bride off at the neck.
  3. hair pieces or extensions – So many clients say, “I am growing my hair because I am getting married,” so be prepared to help them. Provide a catalogue or look book of hair additions to show possible choices. Remember the scale and proportion of the style must work for the silhouette and size of the dress. Will the client need hairpieces or extensions to keep her hairstyle in proportion with the gown?
  4. rehearsal time – Do not shortcut this process. The rehearsal is the time to experiment, not on the wedding day.
  5. photo journal the hairstyles you practiced during rehearsal and file image front, side and back. By keeping this photo journal, you have a reference when the bride comes back, often months later. It’s easy to forget what you did!
  6. longevity and great from every angle – Make sure the style looks great from all sides, as this hairstyle will be photographed from many angles. Also be sure to ask if the wedding is outdoors, taking into consideration weather conditions that could spoil the style.
  7. offer a price package  The price package should include the consultation, rehearsal, treatments and styling on the wedding day. Don’t forget to discuss hair for her honeymoon, such as a simple hairpiece to slip over a ponytail —great for the pool.  Don’t undersell your skills! Remember what the bride is paying for her shoes and her bouquet. Her hair is much more important than these items, but often she spends less on the hair.  It is up to us to build the value and deliver great value.
  8. promotion – Build a section on your website and Facebook page for bridal styles and packages. Network with bridal photographers for cross-referrals and ask for bridal images for your website.  Also, don’t forget to ask your bridal clients for photos to display in your portfolio.
  9. the day of the wedding – Remember the number one rule for success in hairdressing is the foundation:
  • the correct product application and setting technique
  • the correct type of backcombing to support the style
    • the art of pinning, to hold the shape together without being too tight or ridged
  1. Matinee – Have a cocktail handy for you and the bride to calm the nerves – just joking! If you are well prepared, and your consultation was thorough, and you have rehearsed on the bride (and mannequin head if necessary), being part of such a great day will be a wonderful experience.  Remember: You can’t fake confidence. Confidence comes from knowledge and security in skills. So, PRACTICE THE ART.

About Vivienne Mackinder
Vivienne Mackinder is one of the most highly respected international leaders and innovators in the hairdressing profession today. In her early days, she worked as artistic director for grand masters Vidal Sassoon and Trevor Sorbie and soon became known for her expertise in precision cutting and her eye for original design.

This five-time NAHA winner (including the coveted Masters Award) is now an in-demand featured guest artist and educator for premier international events, and her work is consistently published in the international press. Her career is divided among her salon clientele, editorial and advertorial shoots, advertising campaigns and countless special events as featured artist, not to mention her work for entertainment entities like MTV and the VH-1 Fashion

Her latest project is HairDesignerTV (, which features dynamic film and audio downloads, as well as live VivTV shows where the audience can interact with the HDTV team. Mackinder was named Fashion Director of Intercoiffure America/Canada in 2010, and as such as has released several ground-breaking collections, including “American in Paris,” “Six Faces of Fashion,” “Lady of the Manor,” “Glamorama,” and “Shadows & Shapes,” and launched Intercoiffure’s new Rising Star Competition.

About Intercoiffure America/Canada
Intercoiffure America/Canada is an association of the beauty industry’s elite—more than 200 salon owners employing more than 27,500 employees. The average annual sales volume for an Intercoiffure member ranges from $1.5 million to $85 million. In addition to their economic clout, Intercoiffure members set the creative and quality standards for the industry.
For more information:
Barbara Shepherd, Press Coordinator   800/442-3007 ext 521,

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