Thursday, March 31, 2011

Long Hair Styling: 3 Great Looks With Correct Tools and Products!

Long hair is gorgeous and even better when you have multiple styling opportunities. Allow me to guide you through the easy steps to achieve 3 gorgeous looks on this stunning red head using Conair Tools and RUSK products.

1. This glamorous look is easily produced with the right combination of tools and products. The InfinitiPRO Dryer by Conair can dry the hair while simultaneously creating tons of volume.

2. To allow for maximum air flow that will generate gorgeous volume in all lengths of hair, try the S-shaped You Brush.

3. Distribute a small amount of Rusk Gleam Lusterizing Crème throughout hair to provide instant reflective shine and to keep the hair incredibly healthy looking.

4. Dry each section and secure in a Self Grip Roller. Allow the set to cool, remove the rollers, and you will have fantastic body and super shiny curls. 


1. The InfinitiPRO Dryer by Conair is the perfect start to any finish. Even a high-fashion look like this is easy to achieve with the right tools and products.

2. Use the Conair MiniPRO Crimping Iron to create the fabulous texture so trendy today: precisely crimped hair.  This iron heats up quickly and it's small size makes it easy to use.

3. W8LESS Shaping Spray works double duty as a heat protector with the crimping iron and as the perfect holding spray once the looks is completed.

4. Lightly tease the hair with a teasing brush. Next, smooth back loosely, tuck ends under, and secure the style with the perfect French Twist pin by Conair. 


1. The most amazing shine can be achieved with the correct combination of tools and products. The InfinitiPRO Dryer by Conair’s professional-strength AC Motor will create the power to get the job done right.

2. For this amazing look, you can use the You Brush Paddle Brush to dry the hair. The design of a paddle brush makes it a fantastic choice to stretch and smooth medium to long lengths of hair.

3. Continue to create incredible shine by sealing and straightening the hair with the Infiniti by Conair Solid Ceramic 1” Straightener. 

4. To create the ultimate in shiny, sexy hair, use a light misting of RUSK Thermal Shine Spray. It has a micro spray that will add body and provide heat protection.

All tools and products can be found at and your professional hair salon.

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