Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Lady State Dinner Hair How-to by celebrity stylist Sherri Jessee

The First Lady, Michelle Obama looked lovely at the State Dinner in a stunning red Alexander McQueen dress complimented aptly by her up-swept curls. 

To achieve a similar look, follow these easy steps:
1. First you will need to create the needed texture and body by blow-drying a small amount of RUSK Radical Thickening Creme, into the hair and then set it on Babyliss ceramic hot rollers for soft curls.

2. Once cool, remove the rollers, brush, and split the hair from ear to ear. Create a pony tail in the back section.
3. Split the pony tail into smaller sections and form a series of curls and secure with Bobby pins.
4. Lightly tease the front. Take smaller sections, twist back and pin near the curls in the back.
5. A generous misting of RUSK Being Sexy Hairspray will help hold the look all night long

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Sherri Jessee has been a successful stylist and salon owner for 20 plus years. Amazing artistic talents in hair and makeup combined with the knowledge gained from a BA in education from have helped create one of the most sought after educators in the beauty industry. Sherri has been featured as an industry expert in such acclaimed magazines as OK!, Cosmopolitan and Beauty Entertainment, as well as in numerous educational videos and television shows. 
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